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Wood blinds offer nature's rich, subtle colors and unique textures. They were the most widely used blinds once upon a time. But fewer people could afford wood blinds as wood prices rose rapidly.

Wood blinds are making a strong comeback in recent years because of the natural and timeless beauty of wood in their décor. They are available in both solid colors and wood tones ranging from light tones such as natural finished to deep wood tones such as mahogany. The most expensive blinds (roughly eight times the cost of aluminum blinds) are 100-percent wood.

Most wood blinds are available in a variety of slat sizes from 1-3 inches. The one and two-inch slats can be painted or exposed oak,Guest Posting maple or cherry to match your furniture, flooring or wall paneling. Wood blinds should be used in a stable temperature and humidity controlled environment to receive the full benefit of the long lasting durability of real wood blinds.

Real wood requires more attention than faux. The operating mechanism can be cord. But many families prefer the safer lift technology that requires a soft touch. Wood blinds are generally 2-inch slats because the wider the slat, the less light that can come through. Many people opt to use a valance or cornice to add needed layers.

Sandblasted wood blinds, even if painted, display the beauty of the wood's natural texture. Fabric tapes in a variety of materials and colors can be added to complement the blinds and other elements of your environment.

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