3 Ways of Avoiding Foreclosure

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Find out three different ways that you can save your home from foreclosure.

When you start to realize that the payments on your home are something you can no longer afford,Guest Posting avoiding foreclosure is the first thing on your mind. It can often be difficult to clearly think through your options at this emotional time. There are a few questions you are going need to honestly answer before you can clearly understand your options. Do you want to stay in the house? Can you afford to stay in the house? Is the change to your financial situation temporary or permanent? The answers to these questions will determine what your options are. Here are a few options for different situations.

1. If the changes to your financial situation are permanent, avoiding foreclosure by trying a short sale on your home may be your best bet. Doing this successfully will require that you have a real estate agent who is familiar with short sales and knows how to help you deal with the mortgage company. You will need to give the mortgage company a LOT of financial paperwork. The other piece of this is that mortgage companies tend to move slowly on short sales and may not even approve the short sale of your home.

2. If you want to stay in the house and your mortgage company is willing to work with you, a loan modification that works with your current income may be an option for avoiding foreclosure. The only way you will know if this is an option for you is by talking to your mortgage company. Unfortunately, most of them will not even talk to you about options like this until you have actually missed at least one mortgage payment.

3. Another option that you have if you want to stay in the house is looking at doing a refinance of your loan. If you can not currently afford the payments, you may be able to refinance at a lower interest rate or for a longer loan term that will lower your payments. Talking to your current lender and talking to other lenders will give you a good idea of whether or not this option will work for you. Do not simply accept whatever your current lender says. Look around for better options for your situation.

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