Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Help

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This article provides useful, detailed information about Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Help.

It is very likely that many individuals may face unmanageable debts owing to unpaid credit card bills,Guest Posting medical bills and department store bills. A financial crisis of this nature calls for immediate remedial measures to keep the debts under manageable limits. An individual facing such a situation can seek help through a reputable credit counselor, obtain a debt consolidation loan, enroll in a debt consolidation service or declare bankruptcy.

Credit Counseling

Reputable credit counseling organizations offer non-biased advice on debt management. They have certified counselors who help individuals manage their money and debts. They discuss the financial situations in detail and suggest the best plan suited to an individual.

Debt Consolidation Loan

An individual can lower his debt burden by consolidating all the debts and repaying with a debt consolidation loan. Obtaining a debt consolidation loan allows an individual to deal with only one creditor and a single lower monthly installment. The loan can be secured or unsecured. Secured loans can be had in the form of home equity loans or by providing one\'s property as a collateral security. Unsecured loans are personal loans that are given on the basis of an individual\'s credit standing and his income history. Before finalizing the loan, an individual must consider the cost of consolidation of loans and its impact on his/her credit ratings.

Debt Consolidation Services

Debt consolidation services also called debt management plans involve restructuring debts in a way that can be comfortably managed by an individual. The debt management company negotiates with the creditors to reduce the interest rate or waive certain fees. Thus, the debt burden is lower, as well as the monthly expenses of the customer. The debt management company charges fees and commissions for their service.


Bankruptcy is the last measure for people who cannot fulfill their payment obligations. People who declare bankruptcy are discharged of their debts by the order of the court. The consequences of declaring bankruptcy are far reaching, as it checks an individual\'s ability to obtain any credit for 10 years. An individual has to file in a federal bankruptcy court personal bankruptcy: chapter 7 or chapter 13.

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