Gear Up For Summer Water Fun

Apr 18


Chuck Wasson

Chuck Wasson

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The days are getting longer and soon the temperature will be perfect for outdoor water fun! And that means that now is the perfect time to make sure your insurance policy is up-to-date and includes your summer recreational vehicles.


First off,Gear Up For Summer Water Fun Articles don't assume that items like small boats, Jet Ski's, ATVs or Golf Carts and Pools are automatically covered on your homeowner's policy. There may be limitations as to the overall size and the size of the motor when it comes to small boats. Jet Ski's require a separate insurance policy referred to as a PWC (Personal Watercraft). If you already have a policy for your boat, check with your insurance agent as you may be able to add your Jet Ski to that policy. If not, you will need to purchase a separate policy.

We'll deal with Jet Skis today and save ATVs, boats, golf carts and pools for future discussion before summer kicks into gear! So, what coverage should you have for your Jet Ski? We don't want to alarm or scare you, but Jet Skis can be dangerous and extra care should be paid to learning how to operate one, as well as making sure your insurance is ample.

There is a big difference in insurance for renting a Jet Ski or owning one. If you are planning to rent a Jet Ski, do consider your vulnerability in the event of an accident as neither your personal, automobile or homeowner's policies will provide you any coverage. However, a personal umbrella policy will protect you. At the very least, check with the company renting the Jet Ski to see if they are including any insurance in your rental fee. If they aren't, don't leave the shoreline without an umbrella policy!

If you own a Jet Ski, there is a long list of insurance options, such as:

  • Liability: This is financial protection for accidents whether they are your fault or the fault of someone driving your Jet Ski. You’ll want coverage that includes bodily injury that pays medical and loss of wages for you or someone injured by you; property damage that may occur while your Jet Ski is in operation; and legal expense coverage in case someone decide to sue you.
  • Comprehensive: This will protect your Jet Ski from theft, vandalism, storms, fire and other natural disasters.
  • Collision: This is required if you are leasing or financing a Jet Ski. Also it is advised to cover damage if another watercraft hits you or you aren’t an experienced driver of a Jet Ski.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured: This will cover any damage and medical costs if someone without collision insurance hits you.
  • Miscellaneous Coverage:
    • Fuel Spill: Covers cleanup when the spill is accidental
    • Wreckage: Covers the cost of retrieval on the surface or sunken
    • Towing: Covers towing for breakdowns or running out of gas
    • Trailer: Covers the Jet Ski trailer
    • Personal Effects: Covers loss of clothing, sunglasses and personal items.

Jet Skis and water sports are great fun. Review your policies and then sit back and enjoy!

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