Of Investors and Investments: One Trillion...and Still Counting

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George Muzea is the leading advisor to over 100 firms and a Trillion dollars in assets and is this country’s expert on the 60,000 individuals named by the SEC as the “Insiders.”  He has developed a simplified system for using the Insiders as a major indicator…and he offers that system to those few investors who know its value.

SoWhos got the Trillion?

Any time you mention casually a Trillion dollars,Guest Posting people tend to listen. Especially, in the investments world. But, even in the world of investments, people just dont talk in terms of well a trillion dollars. And, they never talk about it concerning any single individual.

Wellnot never.

Forgive the bad grammar, but it isnt every day I get to talk about a man who has the attention of over 100 investment firmsand their assets.

Think about the last time you heard a trillion dollars mentioned in the press. It was associated with what? The U.S Government Budget? The size of the U.S. economy? Size of the U.S. Debt?

There are whole countries that dont have a budget of a trillion dollars. Most countries, in fact.

The point is, if you mention a single mans name and associate that name with one Trillion dollarsyou will get the attention of people around you. And not just investors.

But, for George Muzea, attracting attention is a minor issue. Getting results in the investments world has been the issue successfully for over 30 years. Remember the statement, Words are wordspromises are promisesbut, performance is reality? Performance is reality for George Muzea who is the advisor to some of the biggest investment firms - and their investors - in the world.

All 100 firms or so of themwith assets totaling over a trillion theres that word again dollars. You know, any percentage of a trillion would keep me up at night. There, any advice which could impact even pennies in any market move will create profits or losses of billions! Thats the world of George Muzea.

If you are going to create that kind of pressure for yourself, you better have a system that really works. Pennies in investment market movement will get you billions of dollars of investors complaints or more business from investors. As George likes to say, Theres no room for loyalty in the investments world.

Follow me closely again.

If you want to create pressure like that for yourself, you must have a successful system. You see, trillions of dollars in assets doesnt just come to any ole investment counselor. Investors dont trust counsel unless its already proven.

With tens of thousands of investors and investors services, as well as billions of dollars of investments and investment services out there, how do you gain that kind of trust to begin with?

Watch this.

Enron18 months prior

Long before the Enron scandal broke in the press, another individual had already let his clients know they should get out of Enron. Of course, some shorted the market and made a lot of cash. All the others got out with their accounts in tact because George Muzea knew something was seriously wrong inside Enron.

How did he know that? Well, the Insiders told him.

No. No one actually said a thing to him. They didnt have to say anything. And he didnt know a one of them. One of whom? The Insiders, thats whom.

In everything in life, there are Insiders. Some are good. Some are bad. Some do things legally. Some illegally.

In the world of sports, owners, commissioners, directors, CEOs, and coaches are all Insiders in the sports world (not talking stocks here).

Inside a football huddle, the Insiders are the guys in the huddleand any coaches involved in calling the play.

If you own a business, you and your partner(s) along with any major officers who run the business, are the Insiders.

In your home, you and your spouse are the Insiders.

In a legal battle, the clients and the attorneys are the Insiders.

In any scientific discovery, the Insiders are the scientists, company officials patronizing the research and a select team of researchers.

In the investments world, the SEC forces all company Insiders to report their stock trades buying and selling within 48 hours of the event. In that world of investors, the company CEO, Directors, CFOs, and a few other officers are defined as Insiders for that company. (Also, those outsiders who own 10% or more of the stock of company are deemed Insiders also.)

Soback to George Muzea and the Enron debacle.

George Muzea just knew what the Insiders were doing in the investment world, buying or selling their company stocksparticularly selling at Enron while everyone else was being encouraged to buy Enron.

He saw they were selling, when normally Insiders as investors would be buying. If Insiders diverge from their normal patterns of investor behaviorGeorge knows it. Most of us were running with the crowdand losing our shirts 18 months later when the story broke.

If Insiders diverge from their normal patterns of investor behaviorlike George Muzea, we can learn how to watch their moves tooand profit from it.

George knew 18 months aheadlet that sink in18 months ahead, there was already a problem within Enron. Long before the Enron scandal made the earliest editions of any newspaper, George Muzea knew what the Insiders were telling him by their actions.

Remember, they didnt have to say anything to him at all. They were acting. He was reading what they were doing and advising his clients accordingly.

What if you could understand the Insiders like George Muzea does? Think about it. You would NOT have to worry about the companies in which you were invested.

Correction, yes, you would have to worry about ALL of your investmentsall investors know that. But -and this is crucial - unlike most investors, you would have the skills to watch all of your investments and act long before there were any problems reported in the news like Enron.

As either a short or long term investor, you could watch your investments and tell your broker when to move a stock

Investors who stayed with Enron are now involved in expensive litigation concerning those investments investments which were made honestly with trust up front. Everyone can feel their pain. Their investments were torpedoed long before they, as honest investors, knew the real facts.

Insiders are the key to ALL investments and investors strategiesor should be. Why? Only the Insiders know whats really happening inside their companies. The Enron Insiders knew what was hidden from the stock world of fundamentals and technicals.

There are always things happening, good and bad, that cant be reflected in a timely manner, on a balance sheet or income statement. There are always things happening, good and bad, that cant be reflected in a timely manner, in the technical analysis. Had that been the case, investors relying on the technicals would have been out of Enronor shorting their investments in it.

George Muzea knows that. The Insiders know it. A select group of investors known generally as the smart money they know it. And many of them turn to George Muzea for that information.

I, for one, am glad to see that George is finally offering a course on how investors can use the Insiders of publicly traded companies as an indicator for their investments, be they swing traders, options traders, long term investors, day traders

Direction is what the stock market is all about. George Muzea has found the key to market direction

I told you a trillion dollars would get your attention.

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