Rewards Credit Card Offers and Balance Transfers

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When rewards and balance transfer options are available together, it might be too good to believe, but watch out for the fine print.

When you need a balance transfer,Guest Posting the rewards credit card offers may be useful to make the deal more money-saving. However, rarely do balance transfer cards come with the rewards that are available in the more regular offers. In order to avail a distinctively beneficial credit card, you will need to measure your advantages in different offers. While credit cards with heavy reward benefits can be useful in saving money, the ones only with low interest charges can be useful for repaying faster and easier. Knowing what you need right now will help you choose the right card – reward heavy or low interest. By knowing your repaying capacity, you should be able to handle credit cards in the safest manner possible.

Look for 0 APR options with rewards

Although rare, 0 balance transfer cards with rewards are available from some reputed issuers. However, the flip side might be that post introductory period rates could be quite high. You need to be careful about such offers mainly when attractive rewards ply for people with high balances yet to be paid. The options available might be designed to make sure that no one gets off the debt hook too easily. Moreover, you will need to check if exceptionally high interest rates ply on such cards once the introductory periods are over. That way, you can check if rewards-based balance transfer cards are a fair deal.

Check if interest rates are suitable

Rewards-based balance transfer programs are understandably designed with higher interest rates than usual. You may not be able to avail 0 APR introductory periods in many of the available options. Moreover, the interest rates plying after the introductory period could be high if you get gas rewards, airfare discounts and other benefits. Retail store discounts are also among the rewards that you can fork up through balance transfer credit cards. However, you need to look out for the interest slab on purchases in such cases.

Consult bank authorities for measuring your repaying capacity

When you take a balance transfer offer from a credit card issuer, repaying fast is definitely a criteria. However, with rewards coming your way, heavy interest rates might make the objective difficult. As a result, if you feel enticed because of rewards, make sure you consult a banking professional about knowing eligibility and possibly high bills. Although most of them may not seem transparent while in an attempt to sell the offer, you might ask for a plan that will help you enjoy the best benefits as well as repay quickly.

Repaying with a low-interest account can be difficult if you are careless about retrieving the attractive rewards credit card offers without paying heed to the high debt that you have run up. You need to ensure that all features of a rewards-based balance transfer card sum up to be a good deal.

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