The Dos and Don’ts of Car Insurance in Missouri

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Many people believe that buying car insurance in Missouri is difficult but it does not have to be if you follow the advice given in this article.

Many people think that buying car insurance in Missouri is difficult. It doesn’t have to be,Guest Posting if you take advantage of a few helpful suggestions provided within this article. You’ll learn some of the “dos and don’ts” from someone who’s dealt with thousands of customers in his time as an insurance agent. There is a lot of misinformation out there about car insurance, and it’s important that you make informed decisions, or you will end up wasting thousands of dollars.

Many people believe that the “price is the price”. However, insurance agents really have a lot of discretion when providing a price for your policy. There are actually many decisions an agent can make which will potentially save you money when buying car insurance in Missouri.

And now, on to the dos and don’ts of car insurance…

DO – Speak with your agent about increasing your deductible. Many people maintain an unnecessarily low deductible because they do not want to pay a lot of money “out of pocket” in the event of an accident. However, this theory is mitigated by they extra money you are paying every 6 months for your insurance. If you take the savings from a higher deductible and put them in a savings account you will have a much greater sum than the $250 or $500 you would save with a lower deductible. Save yourself a great deal of money and raise your deductible to at least $500 (the minimum amount for which I would recommend filing a claim).

DON’T – Carry “full coverage” on an old vehicle. Many people needlessly carry full coverage on their older vehicle. Instead, take the money you would normally pay toward “full coverage” insurance (comp and collision) and put it into a savings account. Then, use the money you’ve put away for any minor damage or issues you would normally claim on your insurance. Your rates will stay low, and you’ll save a great deal of money.

DO – Try to combine your car insurance coverage with your home insurance for the largest discounts. Many people do not know that they can receive a significant discount on car and home insurance when both are held by the same company. It doesn’t always make sense to do this, so ask your agent whether you can save money by combing your policies with one insurer.

DON’T – Pay your insurance bill without asking your insurance agent about discounts. A good insurance agent will contact you at least once a year to go over your policy and determine whether you should be rated differently or qualify for additional discounts. Don’t pay your insurance agent for the privilege of having your business, make him earn his money. Too many people make the mistake of blindly paying their insurance premium without talking to their agent.

These are just a few of many simple tips that will help when purchasing car insurance in Missouri. Always remember that an informed consumer is a powerful consumer and do your research before purchasing your next insurance policy. Contact an independent agent near you to go over your insurance options.

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