What is Amanah Saham and How it Works?

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A lot people looking to know what is Amanah Saham and How it Works?, so what is it? A lot of term such as ASB/ASM/ASN/ASNB, let me share you all this term and how it works?

A lot people wanted to know what is Amanah Saham (a local unit trust in Malaysia) and how to invest with it? So a few term in Amanah saham,Guest Posting example ASM , ASB, ASNB and ASN, I believe most of us are pretty confused with this term so let me clarify each of these term one by one

1. ASB, Amanah Saham bumiputra it is the name of the fixed-price unit trust that is open only to bumiputra investors. Fixed price unit trust, meaning that the fund price per unit is always fixed and in this case it will be 1 ringgit malaysia per unit for ASB the price of the unit will never go up nor it will ever go down. in other words its capital guarantee so when you invest a hundred ringgit malaysia into ASB. Your capital will always remain as 100 ringgit malaysia because like I say, the unit price is fixed it would never go up or go down.

There are three ASB unit trust, namely ASB ASB 2 ASB 3 for all of them, the fund price is set at 1 ringgit malaysia per unit and the historical return has always been more than 6% a year ASM,

2. ASM, Amanah Saham Malaysia is the fixed price unit trust that is open to all Malaysians. so whether your bumiputra or not, you can invest in ASM it is a fixed price unit trust, meaning that the price per unit is set at 1 ringgit malaysia as well and it will never go up or go down in other words capital guarantee. There are 3 ASM unit trust namely, ASM ASM2, ASM3 talking about creativity right. The fund price for all these, is also RM1 per unit and historically the return has always been above 6% as well.

3. then, there is ASN, Amanah Saham Nasional this one is a little bit different this is not a fixed price unit trust. it is a variable price unit trust, meaning when you invest in a Amanah Saham Nasional the fund price can vary from day to day.

Today maybe it's RM1, tomorrow it can go to RM1.10 or lower than that it will depend on the performance if the underlying asset so it works more like a normal unit trust and it is open to all Malaysians to invest in it. There are 8 of these funds being offered in the market

4. Finally ASNB, Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad. this is the fund management company that manages all the ASB ASN ASM so they are basically the company that manages all these funds.

So hope you are clear by now about all these terms ASB the fix unit trust fund that is open only to bumiputra ASM, the fixed unit trust fund that's open to all Malaysians ASN the fund price will vary and is open to all Malaysian ASNB is the company that manages all these 3 funds.

Well, we all work hardly to make money either online of offline, and we should leverage on investment, to let our hard earn money make money for us as return. If you don't want to take risk like invest in stock market, Amanah Saham unit trust will be a good option for you to invest in. Good luck for your investment journey. 

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