Abdominal Expert Reveals The Best Lower Ab Exercises For Flat Six Pack Abs!

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Over the years I've noticed that the most common body part people want to improve upon is their lower ab region.   I've also discovered that this area is one of the most difficult to train effectively.

In this article, I will share with you some of my findings and show you the three best exercises that target this area like nothing else.

Are you happy with the way your lower abs look? If not you aren't alone! Over the years I've noticed that the most common body part people want to improve upon is their lower ab region.

People often times come to me asking "how can I flatten my lower abs?" I tell them I can easily show them how to do it but first I clarify a few things.

Anatomically speaking,Guest Posting there is actually no such thing as upper abs and lower abs.  In fact, the entire region that we consider the six pack is made up of one muscle, called the rectus abdominis. 

The rectus extends the whole length of the front of the abdomen. Whether or not it is possible for a particular exercise to train just one region of the rectus is a highly controversial issue amongst fitness experts.  

Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all!  The truth is that you can't isolate just one part of the rectus with an ab exercise but research has shown that it is possible to put greater emphasis on a certain area of the rectus depending on your exercise.

Researchers came to this conclusion by using EMG studies which study muscle fiber activity. What they found was that ab exercises which used hip flexion (i.e. knee raises) activated the lower part of the rectus more so than exercises which involved trunk flexion (i.e. sit-ups).

What is hip flexion you might ask? Let me clarify that...

When doing a lower ab exercise with emphasis on hip flexion it means that you are bringing your thighs to your trunk. These exercises primarily work the lower portion of your abs and the EMG studies support this claim. When performing hip flexion dominant exercises many bodybuilders claim they become more sore in the lower abdominal area.

Now I will share with you my favorite "best-result" lower ab exercises along with a detailed description so you can easily perform them. The following exercises are listed from easiest to hardest:

Low Ball Pull In- Start in a push-up position with your feet on a Swiss Ball.  Do not let your hips sag.  Pull your knees in directly towards your chest while maintaining a neutral spine.  Contract your abs.  Extend your legs until they are straight and in the starting position.  Repeat. 

Hanging Knee Raise- Grasp a chin up bar with an overhand grip.  Initiating movement with your abs, raise your knees up until they are almost touching your chest.  Return until your waist, hips, and knees are extended and vertical. Repeat for the prescribed number of reps. 

Bruce Lee Abs-Lie on bench. Reaching overhead, grasp the underside of the bench and raise legs to a 90 degree angle with your torso. Lift hips straight up so that feet are moving directly towards the ceiling.

At this point, the only parts of your body that should be on the bench are your head, shoulders and UPPER back.  This is the starting position.  Now lower your legs until they are parallel to the floor, while keeping your hips up and off the bench.  Return them to starting position and repeat. 

These lower ab exercises are some of my favorites which I incorporate into my own workouts. These aren't easy but I can promise you that your hard work will pay off in no time and with my help you'll have a flatter, stronger stomach as fast as possible!

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