Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery In US and Canada

Feb 26


Louis ZW Zhang

Louis ZW Zhang

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Understanding the cost of lasik eye surgery. Get prices for laser vision correction and find out which type of Lasik operation is right for you.


Lasik eye surgery continues to gain popularity in the US and Canada because it is effective and affordable. Still the average cost of Lasik eye surgery is variable and it can be high depending on the your eyes’ condition and the post operative care involved. Today corrective laser eye surgery is the most preferred solution to get rid of your glasses,Cost Of Lasik Eye Surgery In US and Canada Articles thanks to reduced costs of the surgery. Earlier it was not that easy for the average person to afford such a procedure.

The cost of laser eye surgery depends a lot on various factors and it varies from place to place. The cost in America is different from that in Canada. Again in America the cost varies from state to state and from provider to provider. In Canada LASIK MD is the biggest provider and every year almost 40-50% of the laser eye surgery taking place in Canada is conducted by this company. The laser eye surgery cost in Canada too depends on the same factors which determine the cost in the US. So what are these factors which determine the costs of Lasik eye surgery? Let us find out and see how rates vary.

The universal standard to determine the costs of corrective eye surgery is that the price of laser surgery is quoted per eye. That is, one Lasik surgery procedure equals one eye and the price of the quote increases if you intend to correct both your eyes. The Lasik eye surgeons may also add extra charges for new technologies that they use in the surgery. The main cost of the surgery is due to the high cost of equipment. The price at the same time depends on the proficiency of the doctor and the location. That is the price in California varies from that in Maryland. Another factor which determines the cost of is the gravity of your sight problem. Let me give you an idea of the average costs of Lasik surgery in United States and Canada. There’ll be some difference but that won't be too much.

Beware of some ads like '$500 per eye'. Very few people can get laser surgery at that price because their eye sight might not degenerated too much. An extensive laser eye correction would cost much more. A recent study shows that the average cost of Lasik surgery is now less than $1,000. But these surgeries are done by inexpensive conventional excimer lasers or bladed microkeratomes not wavefront technologies. Modern wavefront technologies would cost you between $1,000 to $2,500.

Previously the cost of Lasik eye surgery was high but from 2006 the price has stabilized to an affordable level. In December 2007 it was found that the average cost of laser eye surgery has dropped down a little lower than 2006 costs.

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