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Starting an exercise program to lose weight and get in shape can be a daunting task for many. In today's society, there is a never-ending stream of weight loss "quick fixes," such as fad diets, cleansing systems, fat burners, the "new all-in-one fitness equipment that transforms your body in 5 minutes guaranteed," supplements, oils, creams, potions, etc. Bottom line, there are no "quick fixes." Proper Nutrition and Consistent Exercise is the time-tested and proven answer.

Why Boot Camp Training

Consistent Exercise is hard for many people to achieve. For some,Guest Posting the idea of going to the gym day after day to do boring exercises is not an appealing way to spend one's time. To maintain consistency, one needs to be engaged in an exercise routine that is appealing and fun enough to do on a regular basis. Many people are open to alternative workout programs as exemplified by the growing popularity of home workout videos.

When boot camp training hit the scene, there was a lot of excitement and well-deserved hype. It gave another option to those who find working out in a gym boring, uninspired and non-productive. Training outdoors with a small group of people, led by a personal trainer, became a very appealing option to more traditional fitness training.

If your image of a fitness boot camp is for those who want to go through the rigors of a military oriented workout or for just the fitness buffs, you may not be paying attention to one of the hottest and growing trends. Today there is an increasing variety that encompass different themes, styles, exercise routines and training forms resulting in increased popularity throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Boot camps now appeal to all types of people. Some camps are woman only; others include martial arts training while others focus on strength and conditioning. Whatever physical condition you currently find yourself in, there is a good chance that a local camp will suit your needs.

Let's not forget the primary reason why boot camps are successful - RESULTS! They generally consist of fast, efficient, full body workouts in a positive and motivating environment that helps participants achieve their fitness goals.

Benefits Gained From Boot Camp Training

* ECONOMICAL - Boot camps are cheaper than a retaining the services of a personal trainer. Today, most camps are run by Certified Personal Trainers or trainers with comparable credentials. Thus you can get all the benefits of a personal trainer with less than half the cost. They are generally held in small groups enabling the personal trainer to address individual needs and issues.

* INTENSIVE WORKOUTS - Boot Camps are usually an hour of guided exercises geared towards an overall full body workout. Many camps integrate different forms of training which may include balance, cardio, core, flexibility, power, resistance, speed/agility/ quickness, yoga, martial arts, Tabata, to name a few. By incorporating these forms of training, incredible fitness results are achieved.

* INCREASED HEALTH AND FITNESS - Many health benefits are gained from boot camp training. These include increased:

·         Balance

·         Body Fat Loss

·         Bone density

·         Cardio efficiency

·         Core stability

·         Endurance

·         Flexibility

·         Improved posture

·         Lean body mass (muscle)

·         Metabolism

·         Power

·         Speed/Agility/Quickness

·         Strength

·         Tissue tensile strength

* VARIETY - This is one of the main reasons why boot camps are so successful today. The workouts are different and often modified which not only keeps you mentally in the game but keeps your body guessing what it will have to do next. Plateaus are more easily avoided.

* MOTIVATION - The group setting nature of boot camps makes training much more dynamic. Participants feed off of each other's energy, motivated by the camaraderie and supportive of each other. It is fun to train with friends! You may be motivated to train on days you would other wise blow off because you will be noticeably missed by your friends.

* GREATER SENSE OF WELL BEING - Achieving your fitness goals leads to greater satisfaction, sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Daily exercise relieves stress, increases your quality of sleep and refocuses your mind. Seeing your body transform leads to greater self-esteem and pride.


Boot camps are a great way to keep you exercising consistently. Boot camps provide a variety of high-energy full body workouts that produce results. It may be the answer you are looking for!

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