Liquid Creatine Vs Creatine Powders

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Bodybuilding muscle supplements provide the essential nutrients for muscle building success. Finding out that supplements cannot work alone is the single most beneficial piece of information for any prospective consumer.

Liquid creatine is rumoured to provide the body with benefits that take place immediately after taking the supplement. The professionals marketing liquid creatine also claim that the consumer can feel the difference that liquid creatine makes as early as the first day. Many of these claims are scientifically unsubstantiated and there is no evidence to support them. This supplement does have many great benefits and in an attempt to separate the falsehoods from the truth,Guest Posting this article will provide the straight dope on liquid creatine.

Creatine monohydrate is the powder counterpart of liquid creatine. The recognizable difference separating the two is the fact that one is liquid; one is powder. There are no other outrageous benefits to one than the other. The claims that liquid creatine is the best supplement because it reaches the muscles and enables them to absorb the creatine instantly are unfounded. There is no evidence to indicate that liquid creatine doesn't work in this manner either. The fact is that there is not enough scientific research available to make a sound conclusion. Most bodybuilders who have chosen to try liquid creatine have reported the same results as with the creatine powder. These testimonials from bodybuilders and weight trainers that have tried liquid creatine help deduce that in all likelihood, the only benefit of this form of supplement is that it is already in liquid form. No mixing required!

Scientific research has dictated for years that creatine supplements need time to be properly absorbed into the body. Therefore, the claims that liquid can be immediately available to the muscles is completely untrue. In fact, there are actually some drawbacks to choosing liquid creatine over powder form. Creatine that is in liquid is highly unstable. The unstable environment of creatine being in liquid basically means that it can spontaneously downgrade into a product called creatinine. This substance is completely useless for the body and is considered a dead food meaning it has no nutritional substance at all.

The other downfall to choosing liquid form is that it has been a subject of tests in recent years and the researchers found much lower content levels of creatine in the liquid than what is stated on the label. This is in all likelihood due to the instability of the creatine in the liquid and has begun to deteriorate into creatinine. As a result, the powders are much more reliable than liquids. There is also virtually no risk with creatine powders that it doesn't contain the health properties that are required for strength and weight training.

There are a few minor benefits to taking liquid creatine but they are small compared to the benefits that are consistently provided through powders. Be the master of your own domain and discover which works best for you powder or liquid creatine.

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