Rockin Body with Shaun T: What are the Downsides of This Unique Workout

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Looking at some of the potential pitfalls for the user in Rockin Body With Shaun T by Beachbody

Incumbent on any good workout program these days is that it provide two things for the user.

First,Guest Posting the individual has choices. This means fundamentally that you have to give them a fun and ever-changing experience.

Second, the workout needs to provide a total body workout on some level.

Both of these requirements go back to the choices available to the customer.  Most of your big  well-known programs these days like P90X, Insanity, or cross fit are incorporating full body movements into the workout cycle.

The studies are showing that this approach is how you get great change in the shortest amount of time.

Some workouts are so hard that to call them fun would be a stretch. So in the case of say P90X or cross fit, the goal is less to be “fun” and more to be interesting enough to keep the user from getting bored.

A bored customer is one that will surely find other things to do rather than workout. To further this goal of staying fresh, emerging workouts focus on offering variety and also on getting you big time results fast.

The interesting thing about Beachbody’s Rockin’ Body with Shaun T is that it is one of the few workouts that actually meets the threshold of being fun, while giving you a major calorie burn.

Rockin Body with Shaun T has the built-in advantage of being from the very popular trainer that brought the world Insanity and Hip Hop Abs.

Think of Rockin Body with Shaun T as a dance-centric combination of Insanity and Hip Abs where you also have the capability of learning some great dance moves.

The reviews so far have been very good for the program. On Rockin Body scores about 90% 5 star.

I have reviewed many fitness products and I don’t recall seeing scores that consistently high.

No doubt one of the keys to that is people who are going to be buying Rockin Body have an interest in dance. By all accounts, Rockin Body really helps people who love dance or who want to learn.

So what are the downsides?  Well it isn’t a program that is heavy in strength training.  There is one part of the program where that is a focus.  

Additionally, some users have said that Rockin Body is pretty hard for beginners. This is especially true for beginners to dance.

Otherwise, people have been  overwhelmingly positive about what Beachbody has put together. The goal now is to expand the customer base.

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