Ten Essential Foods You Should Include In Your Weight Gain Diet

Jun 25


Eric Carpenters

Eric Carpenters

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Wondering what foods you should eat to gain weight? This article will reveal foods that you can start eating right now to bulk up and gain muscle mass.


People looking to put on weight often take a completely wrong approach,Ten Essential Foods You Should Include In Your Weight Gain Diet Articles stuffing themselves with junk food in binge eating sessions. However, there are ways to gain weight safely while at the same time minimizing the risks for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and various cancers. In this article we will take a look at ten essential foods that should be included in any weight gain diet. It is not only because these foods are themselves high in calories, these foods are also important because they complement any effective weight gain diet plan with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

1. Red meat. While many people avoid red meat because of its high saturated fat, saturated fats are also necessary for your diet. In particular, if you are looking to gain weight in order to add muscle mass, you will need a high testosterone index. Red meat will definitely help in that regard, as well as providing vital iron that will reduce your recovery time and give you a boost of energy.

2. Salmon. Often overlooked, salmon can give you many of the benefits of red meat while at the same time providing you with omega-3 fatty oils and unsaturated fats.

3. Starchy vegetables. Particularly potatoes, these are essential parts of any weight gain diet. You can get very creative including these in your diet. There are many kinds of potatoes, as well as delicious alternatives, such as squash.

4. Nuts of all kinds. Almonds are a great calorie source, but all nuts have a high caloric density. They are also easy to add to your foods nuts sprinkled on top will enhance most foods. A handful of nuts will often have nearly two hundred calories!

5. Peanut butter. In the same vein as nuts, peanut butter gives you a punch of energy that is both effective and delicious.

6. Dairy products of all kinds. Cream and butter make everything tastier. For example, switching from broth-based soups to soups with a creamy base can quickly give you additional calories while at the same time being especially delicious.

7. Bread. Packing your diet with complex carbohydrates can also give you a steady source of energy that also allows you to put on weight. Look for whole grains in order to keep your nutrient, amino acids, and especially fiber levels up.

8. Oats. Oats are often overlooked as a dense caloric grain that is also an important source of fiber. Regularly consuming oats can help you keep your energy levels steady during the day.

9. Avocado. These fatty, delicious fruits are also extremely good for you. A good guacamole or simply putting some slices in a sandwich can give you plenty of vitamins, a good portion of healthy fat, and a high calorie count.

10. No list of weight gain foods would be complete without a mention of commercial supplements. After all, a product specially designed to give you a high calorie portion combined with nutrients that allow you to absorb it cannot be all that bad.

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