The Beowulf Workout: High Intensity Interval Strength Training

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A High Intensity Interval Strength Training Workout of Epic Proportions.


In a legendary time of Heroes the mighty warrior Beowulf was the most prolific of all. He was proficient by Sea and Land; he possessed strength,Guest Posting speed, and power; his character was forged through trial and tribulation.

He now has a workout worthy of his name.

It might be the Toughest Workout you'll ever do!


For Time:

Row 1,000 Meters on the Concept 2 rower

Run 800 meters

50 Ring Dips

100 Pullups

150 Jumping Slamball

Run 800 meters

Row 1,000 Meters on the Concept 2 rower

This workout is a potent blend of two classic cardio modalities the Row and Run; two bodyweight strength movements in the ring dip and pullup; and a speed/power exercise in jumping slamball. You work as fast as possible to get through each of the movements - Keep track of your final time.

You are highly encouraged and quite frankly supposed to partition your Ring Dips, Pullups, and Jumping Slamball in order to move rapidly through the workout and keep the intensity high:

So the official workout looks like this:


Row 1,000 Meters on the Concept 2 rower

Run 800 meters 

*10 rounds* (5 Ring Dips, 10 Pullups. 15 Jumping Slamball)

 Run 800 meters

Row 1,000 Meters on the Concept 2 rower

Partitioning the movements is much more demanding metabolically and will improve your conditioning noticeably.

It's vital that you keep track of how you performed the ring dips and pullups; Full range of motion or modified. Your goal is to eventually be able to perform this as prescribed = 6pts

Ring dips =3pts, Band Ring dips =2pts, Jumping Dips =1pt

Pullups =3pts, Band Pullups =2pts, Jumping Pullups =1pt

So next to your time also record your total points A 6 pt effort is the ultimate goal!

A 49:23 6pt effort would be ranked higher than a 37:15 5pt effort and so on...


35 minutes or less; Capable of defeating Grendel and the Dragon!

36-40 minutes; Capable of defeating Grendel and you stand a chance with the Dragon.

41-45 minutes; you stand a chance with Grendel.

46+ minutes; Keep training, Grendel will tear you limb to limb.

This workout is a true epic. Good Luck and enjoy!

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