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If you think that you can only do limited things on a treadmill, think again. After all, with a little imagination and innovation, you can make your treadmill workout just as challenging as you would like. Here are a few suggestions for creating an intense treadmill workout. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with a doctor before you start a new exercise program or up the intensity of your current workouts.

Many people think that there are only a couple of things to do when you get on a treadmill; walk or run. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Although it is true that walking is the best form of exercise since you get a good cardiovascular workout and it is low impact,Guest Posting using a treadmill combined with a little imagination will give you the best workout time and time again. When you combine your treadmill exercises with other methods, the result is a total body workout routine.

Hand Weights and Dumbbells

Hand Weights and dumbbells add a new level to your exercise routine. When you decide to buy a treadmill it is because you want to get into shape. While walking is an excellent routine, adding dumbbells and hand weights will give you a total body workout. It is important however to start very slowly to avoid any accidents, and gradually increase your pace while moving your arms holding the dumbbells.

Walking Backwards

Walking backwards sounds silly right? However, when you walk backward, you are challenging the muscles in your legs to move in a way that they normally do not. Of course it goes without saying that you need to start slowly and be very careful because your balance is also challenged. It is also important to remember not to hold on to the rails when you are walking backward. It can result in serious injury. Be forewarned that when you add this type of exercise to your routine, you will be very sore; however you will discover and develop new muscles.

Changing Speed Intervals

As any professional athlete will tell you before starting any workout, warm up exercises are crucial. Stretching is an excellent way to loosen your muscles. Once you're muscles have been stretched, consider speed interval exercises. Some experts advise that if you walk fast or run for one minute, then do it slowly for two minutes, and repeat this up to eight times, you will be giving yourself an excellent aerobic workout, which is very good for your heart as well as your muscles.

Incline Intervals

Again, be sure to warm up before you try this exercise. Walk as you normally would for five minutes. Then set the incline on your machine to four or five. Continue walking for another five minutes, then return the incline to zero. Repeat this cycle two times for maximum benefit.

Walking On Toes And Heels

A toes and heels exercise is an excellent routine for your treadmill workout. It is very easy to do and it will exercise the muscle in your lower legs and feet. Start out walking with your normal routine. After five minutes of walking, raise yourself up on your tiptoes and walk for thirty seconds and return to your normal walking for another five minutes. Then do the same procedure only on your heels. Repeat this procedure two more times. You will definitely feel the results.

A good treadmill workout doesn't have to be boring, and there are many challenging and fun exercise routines that you can do in order to keep your mind and your body in tip top shape.

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