What is the best knee support for ligament damage?

Oct 3


Dave Regis

Dave Regis

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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a tough band of tissue joining together the thigh bone and shin bone at the knee joint. The ligament itself is responsible for stabilisation of the knee joint and general movement. It runs diagonally within the knee joint, attributed for managing the forward and backwards motion of the leg.


A damaged ACL can be very painful and the recovery period can be extensive depending on the severity of the injury. A strained ligament can take a few days of rest to heal combined with the use of ice to manage any inflammation,What is the best knee support for ligament damage? Articles whilst a ruptured ligament can require surgery and up to one year on the sidelines combined with extensive physiotherapy. The latter can be career ending for professionals.

With the ACL so important for everyone, regardless of sport or activity level, it is no wonder why people seek out the best knee support to combat against serious injury to such a vital ligament. This article looks at the best knee support for ligament damage, as whilst there are numerous ligament supports available it depends on the severity of an injury or the level of protection required as to which the best knee support to opt for is.

What is a knee support?

A knee support is designed to be worn on the knee joint. There are various types of supports available, each with its own specific function but all work to protect the knee either as a preventative measure or post injury. Using the best knee support helps to increase the confidence of the patient as well as offering an additional form of protection.

Regardless of your sport or activity staying fit is always important, hence looking for the best knee support for a specific condition can ensure you stay active for longer. Compression is another common theme among supports with the best knee support providing compression to the affected area to help manage pain and inflammation. In managing these two elements the patient can continue being active for longer.

What types of knee supports are available?

The best knee support for ligament damage or injury depends on the extent of the injury sustained and the purpose of the knee support.

Knee supports from brands such as Form Fit® can be the best knee support for use with mild to moderate knee ligament tears, covering the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL. The knee support works using a rigid hinge to help fit the knee better and give you additional support post injury. The compression the support offers also allows inflammation and pain to be managed as part of the recovery process and making it the best knee support for mild to moderate tears.

The best knee support for use in extreme sports would be that of the CTi knee brace, a rigid carbon fibre shell designed to protect the knee joint and associated ligaments. It is considered the best knee support for extreme sports as it is designed to withstand impact damage whilst maintaining bone alignment. Protection against impact damage is very important when skiing, snowboarding or wakeboarding.

The CTi is worn by amateurs and professionals alike, both to protect the knee from serious injury and to prevent the reoccurrence of an injury. As ligament surgery can leave you out of action for up to one year before being able to train again, extreme sports stars understand the need to wear the best knee support possible so they can continue to stay at the top of their chosen sport.

What is the best knee support for me?

The best knee support for ligament damage is dependent on a number of factors. With so many braces on the market, making a decision on the best knee support for you can sometimes be difficult.

If you are struggling to make a decision then visit a clinician and discuss your requirements with them as they may be able to suggest the best knee support you the best protection. If you’re looking to spend money on a knee support then you need to ensure it is money well spent, as the wrong support may not work as required.