Why you mustn’t spend more than an hour at the gym

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Spending more than an hour in the gym is actually destroying the results you are after. Ready how.

Many people are really misinformed when it comes to building muscle and strength. They simply believe that all they have to do is spend hours upon hours in the gym and they will get the results they are after. These people,Guest Posting after a few months of busting there ass, are left disappointed with their results. The reason being that training for longer than 45-60 minutes is actually counter productive.

You see, when we start a strength workout our testosterone (muscle building hormone) is at its highest, and cortisol (muscle wasting hormone) is low. As we progress through our workout, testosterone is on a steady decline while cortisol is increasing. At around 45-60 minutes, the hormones have pretty much reversed. This is bad because cortisol is muscle wasting. If you continue training, you will be burning muscle for energy at the same time your lifting weights to try and build muscle!

You know the saying “You only get what you put in” Forget it! Of course you have to train hard. But you don’t have to destroy your body with marathon 2-3 hour sessions just because you are over zealous and keen to train hard.

Your muscles do not grow in the gym. The longer you spend in the gym does not equal bigger muscles or faster results. Once your muscles are stimulated, they need plenty of rest, recovery and food.

Leave that Rocky style heroics at the door and instead train smarter. Lift heavy, go home relax and eat plenty of food.

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