Colorants for Different Types of Mulch

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There are 3 main type of much and there are different colorants for each of them.

Mulch colorants are a mainstay in the mulch industry because they do a few beneficial things at once. Using mulch colorant allows the businesses you work with to cut down on surrounding weeds,Guest Posting reduce soil temperature, allow more nutrients and moisture to reach soil, and ultimately increase yields. 

By using mulch colorants and increasing yields for your clients, you're effectively increasing their profits as well.

Customers will love the fact that mulch colorants put more options at their fingertips since mulch colorants are the preferred choice of mulch manufacturers and allow clients to pick the color and consistency that matches their medium and expectations. 

Premium Mulch Colorants to Match Mulch Types 

Mulch colorant can actually be applied to the major types of mulch mediums used by your customers: wood, wood fiber, rubber, crushed stone, and aggregate.

Eco-conscious and concentrated mulch colorants add value by both improving aesthetics and increasing client production yields.  

The right kind of mulch increases client yields in a couple of key, interrelated ways. Keeping more moisture in landscaping beds and simultaneously allowing the soil to remain at a cooler temperature optimizes growing conditions, sunlight exposure, weed reduction, and (as a result) yields. 

Wood Mulch and Colorant Options 

Wood, rubber and aggregate mulch are really easy to work with, but each provides a slightly different profile of benefits for your clients.

Wood mulch is one of the most attractive mulch options on the market today because it looks so good, doesn't move around and is extremely slow to decay. 

Since wood is such an easy mulch to work with, your clients have their choice of two mulch colorants. Powder and liquid mulch colorant for wood mulch are the two most popular choices, and each has a different profile of unique benefits.

Powder mulch colorant for wood mulch creates an impressively robust color that's very consistent. This means that your clients won't need to worry about touching up their wood mulch later or changing weather conditions resulting in discoloration. 

Liquid mulch colorants for wood mulch are just as eco-friendly and give your clients vibrantly colored yet natural looking color options. Liquid mulch often come in a variety of colors, premium pigment options and is guaranteed to work on all types of wood mulch. 

Rubber Mulch and Mulch Colorant 

Rubber mulch can actually look incredibly similar to wood mulch, and with mulch colorant it can be made to look even more stunning.

Because rubber mulch can last such a long time, this option might jump to the top of your list if you have clients who do business in hardier climates or have more limited landscaping resources at their disposal. 

If your clients are looking for a little more variety and "wow" factor in their mulch colorant, then Rubber Colorfast colorants are definitely worth checking out. 

Stone and Aggregate Mulch: Your Color Options 

Crushed stone or aggregate mulch constructed from pebbles, rocks and gravel are renowned for their resiliency throughout even the most trying conditions and for its ability to stay where your clients put it.

Crushed stone mulch can also increase soil temperatures and evaporation for your clients, which may be helpful in a shaded area. Mix and match colors to help your clients come up with unique, interesting and eye-catching combinations for their properties.

Aggregate is also another great option because it is a versatile mulch medium in its own right, and that versatility extends to the vibrant, potentially off-beat colors that your clients might choose: yellow, cypress and blue coexistence alongside traditional, staple mulch colorants like brown, cocoa and dark red. More options means happier clients. 

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