Harness The Element Of Water In Your Landscaping Design

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Water features play an important in landscape design and have the ability to enhance the visual appeal.

Water as an element is considered one of the most relaxing and soothing elements and hence it is gaining popularity in landscape designs. Landscape architects are using different types of water features as this element has a high aesthetic value and factor. There are several important design aspects or characteristics of the water element that makes it a must for varied landscapes. The key characteristics are movement of water,Guest Posting sound made by the movement, and reflections in the water. Psychologists across the world believe that water has the ability to activate various human senses and these senses can enable people to achieve relaxation. There is a magical silence synonymous with this element that exudes peace and harmony.

Today, modern homes built within cosmopolitan cities are far from the bliss that can be enjoyed only in the lap of nature. This is one of the primary reasons why water features like fountains, reflecting pools, fish ponds, ornamental pools, and waterfalls are becoming a regular feature of residential and commercial landscape.

Benefits of using Water Features

Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a small garden, adding water features Melbourne can increase the aesthetic value of your garden. Your landscape can only be as good as you can make it and if you mix your grass, potted plants, and trees along with a small pond and a fountain then it will turn into a beautiful piece of unadulterated nature. Some of the benefits of adding a fountain or any type of water feature include:

Nature in your lap: Yes! When you add a fountain and create a pond around it then it will bring nature to your doorstep. Apart from the relaxing and soothing experience that the water element provides, it will attract the birds and bees during harsh summers. The water element has such a mystical attraction that your children would love to play around it and you would end up having your morning breakfast listening to the magical sound of water gushing out of the fountain. It is one of the best experience that water features Melbourne can offer you!

Different shapes and sizes: One of the best ways of enjoying the different characteristics of water element is by installing a fountain. The good news is that fountains are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and design. Some of the most popular fountain designs include:

  • Duck fountain: 95cm high x 50cm wide
  • Water maiden fountain: 205cm high x 150cm wide
  • Venus fountain: 125cm high x 50cm wide
  • Large rock fountain: 110cm high x 80cm wide
  • Meridian fountain: 162cm high x 110cm wide
  • Large urn fountain: 200cm high x 80cm wide
  • Adelaide fountain: 180cm high x 100cm wide

Types of fountains: Fountain water features are considered perfect for all type of residential and commercial space. They can be classified under 3 categories:

  • Cascading fountains: This is one of the most versatile and easy to maintain water features for home gardens. It is considered perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Spilling fountains: This is a great feature to have outdoors and can often be the centre of attention.
  • Jet fountains: This type of fountain is meant for homes with spacious outdoors and is available in dramatic and architectural designs.

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