Tending Your Garden

Oct 16


Roberto Sedycias

Roberto Sedycias

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There are many ways to tend a garden and have your own lush paradise.

The first thing you want to do is select a plot of earth in which you can begin doing this. You need to have at least some feet of good space from where you can start a garden and you have to dig through the ground to make sure there isn’t pockets of cement if your house or lawns were built upon some kind of slab of concrete or rock. In this case you will need to make sure that you are able to dig through or around it and fill it with real dirt because otherwise your plants will be choked by the dirt and will not grow.

Furthermore the rocks will suck out all the moisture and your plants will never have the chance to see the light of day,Tending Your Garden Articles they will be deprived of all their water before they even get any of it. In this case you need to make sure that you dig deep enough so that you can fill up the place with dirt, something that works well is horse manure or cow manure and these things will help you get plants that grow better and richer and to full lengths. This way you can be sure that you have plants that grow healthy and strong in the best kind of dirt possible for their survival.

Then, once you have ample dirt space you can start to choose what kind of thing you want to grow. Whether it is plants or flowers or vegetables or trees, there’s a bag of seeds that can work for you. You can find these in the stores or in a variety of other places and they can really be the ones that start your garden out. Always affordable, these seeds come in a variety of styles and you can choose flowers of almost any kind. Make sure that when you choose these, you pick to read the back of the packet so you know what season they will sprout in and what needs to be done for their care.

Most of the time with seeds you will have to wait a month or a few weeks before you can really enjoy them, but with some of them that might be a good thing because you can plant before spring and have some flowers by then. Or, if you want them instantly you can go to the local nursery and pick the flowers that are already in pots. Sometimes with these you just take them to your own house and then you put them to a big pot and fill it with manure and tend them there and when they are a little bigger you transfer them over to the soil outside. And this can be a good process in making them strong enough to set roots in your dirt once they have had some experiences over there in your pot. The same thing can be done with trees, you just go and get a sapling or two and dig a hole and stick them into the dirt. You water them with the rainfall and let the sun and nature take its course and within a matter of years you will think that the tree was there for years even before you ever were.

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