5 Tips on Avoiding a Nervous Breakdown

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If you are always tired, perplexed with an endless list of things to do, and dumped with tons of deadlines to catch up on, there seems to be no time to relax, is there?

If you are always tired,Guest Posting perplexed with an endless list of things to do, and dumped with tons of deadlines to catch up on, there seems to be no time to relax, is there?

Well, there should be or else you could be in danger of a nervous breakdown or two. We always forget how to stop all the hustle and bustle and just take a deep breath. Too much of this puts a heavy weight on our body and mind.

The common cause of nervous breakdowns is stress & stress with relationships, finances, academics, or works. Any kind of excessive pressure could stimulate a nervous breakdown most especially if it is connected to the genetics of the person. You would know that you are experiencing it if you feel dizzy, sweaty, nauseous, short of breath, limp, emotional, and wobbly.

Here are five tips to help you avoid a nervous breakdown.

Pay attention and stay focused

Carelessness could add up to your exhaustion. Always be mindful of everything you do. This doesn’t mean that you should be too conscious and watchful of yourself. Just pay attention to all your plans and the things you hold because leaving something important or forgetting an appointment could get you all fussed up.

Also pay attention to how you treat other people because you could get in annoying and petty trouble if you don’t. Life hurls a lot of problems at all of us so do not take it out on a friend, a co-worker, a stranger, or whoever. We are given the ability to change the circumstances and focus on the brighter side no matter how hard up we are.

Avoid minor frustrations

Try your best to ignore minor irritations and stress and try not to get annoyed with such irrelevant things. Remember, patience is truly a virtue. This may sound rhetorical but is true.

When you are already starting to see the symptoms in you, avoid thinking about a taxing job, listening to news, undertaking a project, driving at rush hour, betting on anything, or whatever. Visualize yourself in a happy place, a relaxing situation. You could also hold on to something tangible while doing this so you could hold it again later on to regain your calmness.

Do not do everything

It does not matter if you are a top ranking student, a big wig business executive, or a sought after actor. If you do everything, your physical, mental, and emotional being could just explode from too many commitments. Take a short look at your tasks every once in a while. When there’s too much, assign it too someone else if possible. If not, make sure you allot some mindless time for yourself in your schedule.

Take it easy, take a break

Meditation really helps. It shows you how to be in the now and observe the beautiful things around you. Try to look for ways to relax even though you are drowning in a sea of problems or responsibilities. Keep in mind that everything you need to go on with life is in you. Take a breath and take it easy on yourself. If you didn’t have such a good day, try again tomorrow with a smile on you face.


Don’t forget to laugh. Laughing may not seem much but it is proven to uplift your mental and emotional status which would also lead to physical well-being. Indulge yourself in things that make you continuously happy. Being continuously happy implies that doing this source of happiness does not have consequences. And that you are not only happy today but also tomorrow.

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