7 Types of Dentist Professions

May 25


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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Did you know there are nine different types of dentists? Here are nine different types of dental health doctors and researchers in the field of dentistry.

When you go to your regular dentist,7 Types of Dentist Professions Articles chances are they are also a periodontist or employ one in their office. Periodontistry is the field of medicine that focuses on the treatment of diseases, specifically gum disease which is the most common dental health problem. Their skills lie in early detection of disease, maintenance of symptoms towards recovery, and dental implant surgery when a tooth has been lost to decay from the disease.

When you need dentures, a bridge, or a tooth fashioned on top of that new dental implant, this is when you need at prosthodontist. This dentist is the person who fashions replacements, sort of like a doctor who works in prosthetics. Essentially what they do is create artificial replacements for your teeth.

The kind of dentist that gives you braces is called an Orthodontist. This doctor practices teeth straightening and modification techniques. You may think that this profession is more cosmetic than it is medical, but in order to have a properly functioning mouth your teeth do have to be in alignment. This also helps keep you from inevitable problems in the future.

If your dentist performers root canals then they are also an endodontist, someone who specializes in disease of the inside of the tooth. Like a periodontist, these dentists study diseases but one focus is on the gums and what holds the teeth in place and the other is on the structure and composition of the tooth itself.

Oral Radiology & Pathology
Like the greater medical community, there are some dentists whose focus is more in research than in practicing medicine. Oral radiology and pathology are two professions in the research end of dentistry, although some are practitioners of medicine too. These are the doctors whose work informs the dental healthcare community.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Sometimes you need more work than a regular dentist can handle. If you have experienced sever trauma to the mouth, jaw, and face, a dental surgeon can help repair and restore your face. These are highly trained healthcare professionals with a variety of training in medical and cosmetic procedures in order to restore facial tissues and restructure bone.

Dental Public Heath and Pediatric Dentistry
Other dentists focus on the community or a particular type of patient. Even though all dentists are dedicated to the health of their patients, a handful feel full of a sense of mission to the community and work with a variety of social groups to be an awareness advocate. They are also trained to perform many dental procedures and cleaning. Other dentists focus on pediatric dental care. It often takes a special person to work with kids.