Beauty Products And Their Hidden Key Ingredients

Dec 17


Sabrina James

Sabrina James

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Skin care and beauty combine to be one of the largest consumer markets there is.  While many companies scramble to come up with the next big breakthrough in the industry, others focus on finding a new ingredient that will perform miracles.  This article discusses the drive of industry pros to come up with new key ingredients.

When it comes to beautification products,Beauty Products And Their Hidden Key  Ingredients Articles the market is extremely successful. A large bulk of the population uses a beauty item in some form or another. This could be anything from cosmetics to a certain type of hair brush used. The wide variety of products being included into the beauty industry has made this industry what it is today. Due to the vastness of the market, the demand for new and improve products is growing along with the businesses.  This means that more and more people are trying to develop their own special ingredient/product that can be marketed as the “next big thing”, and keep up with the growing command for ways to stay beautiful.When looking for beauty or skin care products that will do what it says it does, your best bet is to check out the ingredients. After discovering what factors are applied to the product, investigate what the active ingredients do. Also another piece of advice, make sure to check the side effects of these ingredients and how they are used. You would be surprised how many additives are used for completely different purposes. An example of one of these ingredients is Hydroquinone, which is found in skin creams and under-eye treatments. This ingredient was listed as 12 chemical ingredients to avoid by the National Geographic Green Guide authors. There have been some cases of Hydroquinone causing cancer and it is one of the most popular uses in photographic developers. The possible chance of causing some form of cancer in my body is a chance I am not willing to take. On the flip side of the coin are beauty products that are completely harmless to use and truly work.  If we stay on the skin creams and under-eye treatments, an ingredient that must be mentioned is Eyeliss.  Its scientific name is Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and is amino acid based.  In our bodies we contain numerous amounts of amino acids that effect different areas of the body. By allowing these certain amino acids that could help with skin regeneration to be active in Eyeliss, your body naturally solves the problem of puffiness and under-eye bags. No side effects and no outrageous other purposes, strictly for the beauty and skin care markets. With so many beauty products being thrown in your face these days, it is not surprising that we have no idea what we are putting on our bodies. I do believe with the internet being such a popular source of information and the movement toward healthier lifestyles, that the above statement will become less and less true. Knowledge is power and can also help you from making a poor decision involving how you treat your body.

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