DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction: Get the Basic Facts on this Method

Dec 30


Ace Abbey

Ace Abbey

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If you are considering breast reconstruction using your own tissue for the procedure, know that there are a few methods to choose from. The DIEP flap method is one of them, and you should find out what it entails.


Before you get breast reconstruction using your own tissue from another part of your body,DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction: Get the Basic Facts on this Method Articles it is wise to know the type of surgical procedure you would prefer. There are several methods for this kind of surgery, with one of them being the DIEP flap. Learn the basics about this method before you decide if it is best for you.

The DIEP flap procedure, or deep inferior epigastric perforator, consists of taking skin and fat from the abdomen and transplanting it in the chest so that breasts that look and feel natural can be formed. Unlike other procedures, such as the TRAM flap, this kind of operation uses fat from the stomach without taking out muscle. This means that the abdominals can remain as strong as they were before the procedure since only fat is removed.

One benefit of the DIEP flap method is that since just fat and skin are removed, the results are similar to a tummy tuck and breast reconstruction at the same time, as the abdomen ends up with less flab and the chest gets more. This often results in an appearance that many women would appreciate having, and the bonus is that the recovery period is usually shorter than the one required with other methods. Consider these details in deciding the best procedure for you.

This operation gets its name from the deep inferior epigastric perforator artery in the abdomen. In most cases, the surgeon makes a cut across the lower abdomen, and tissue, skin, and blood vessels are removed from that area and then transplanted to the chest. In order for this to work, the blood vessels in the transplanted tissue are then attached to the vessels in the chest so that there is proper blood supply. If you opt for this procedure, know that you may need another one down the road to make the results perfect, such as through making the breasts symmetrical to each other or reconstructing the nipples.

This is just one of the types of breast reconstruction available. Though you will likely get to have a say in the matter, your surgeon should let you know the best method to use for you. This decision will be based on your desire recovery period, the amount of extra fat in your abdomen, and your overall health, as these are usually important in getting good results. Consider the details before you go in for surgery so that you know what to expect well in advance.