Drugs and its types

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Drugs are some chemical substances that when consumed, affect the physical or the mental state of the human body. They are highly effective substances that can change the feeling, thinking and the behavior of man. However, there are several types of drugs that exist in various forms and have their own effects. Drugs are legal, and illegal also according to their categories.

Drugs and its types

Here we will discuss the both type of drugs,Guest Posting first, have a look at the categories of Psychoactive drugs:

i) Depressants:

Depressants downtrend the activities of the brain and the spinal cord, that is, the central nervous system. This reduces the person's activeness and even slows down the breathing and heart rate. Some examples of depressants are benzodiazepines, alcohol, and tranquilizers.


These drugs raise the activities of the whole central nervous system that makes a person, more active, alert and aroused. After consuming these drugs, the person feels more active and the working stamina is increased. Caffeine, Nicotine, and methamphetamines are some examples of stimulants.


These are some sort of magical drugs that develops illusions in a person. They make a man hear, see and smell the things that are not present there. LSD, ecstasy, cannabis, and magic mushrooms are hallucinogens.

Non-Psychoactive drugs:

These drugs are opposite to the Psychoactive drugs, unlike them, these drugs does not affect the state of mind, the physical or mental behavior of the person. Besides, these drugs are used for the treatment of several diseases that cause irritation or damage to the body. These drugs release the pain of the body. Some examples of non-psychoactive drugs are hemp (used for snorting), diet pills and antibiotics as well.

Other Mostly Used Drugs:


It is a type of liquid drug which after drink, makes a person feel relaxed and less reserved. It slows down the vital functions of the body.
It reduces the person’s thinking ability rationally and also distorts his or her judgment. Alcohol if drank in large amount can cause severe damage to the mental state of the person.


Cannabis or Marijuana is the far most commonly used drug that is illegal due to its effects. This drug is obtained from a plant. It is used in making marijuana cigarettes for smoking, and also mixed in baked items to eat. It is very dangerous as it affects the nervous system and also the immune system, that leads to several diseases.


This the most expensive and widely used illegal drug that exists in the form of white powder. It is sniffed mostly, and also smoke and injected. It badly affects the brain, heart, and kidneys. It has a deep effect on the mentality of a person. Cocaine, when consumed, makes a man feel elevated and supreme, bus as its effect decreases, it makes the man absent-minded and lost within himself.


It is another widely used drug that is obtained from a poppy plant. It is injected, smoked and inhaled as well. It relaxes the brain till it keeps working and the person feels relaxed and light till it works. But all this relaxation ends as the effect of heroin ends. It damages the immune system after it is used continuously. It also takes the person to the state of coma. Nausea, vomiting, depression and poor respiration are other known side effects of heroin. And Oxycodone is as powerful as heroin and it does take long to get out of your body.

These were the types and side effects of Drugs that are used widely nowadays. Drugs are not meant to destroy the human body. They are meant to treat diseases and several inflammations and injuries. Their misuse badly affects the person.

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