Drugs That Won’t Work (Dangerous Drugs-When Will It Stop?)

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Nowadays, it is indeed another risk we take whenever we obtain over-the-counter drugs and relievers. Most medicines are so much more unreliable rather than trustworthy enough to relieve us of what’s ailing us. Sometimes diseases that we least expected to have began showing symptoms and if you would investigate further…you will find out that diagnosis shows that certain symptoms were caused by the drugs we are taking timely for another illness.

Shocking,Guest Posting huh? You would not be so shocked when you see it all to be true especially on nationwide newspapers and news.

Like the headline of an article in the New York Times which hollers: “Risks found with another pain killer”. Is this true? A pain killer, noted to ‘ease’ your pain if you take this pill is a dangerous pill after all and instead of relieving your pain would rather give you heart attacks, stroke and death in unsuspecting users?

But, alas it is shockingly true that there are drugs made that don’t actually work – but work against your body. An example of this is the Celebrex T. This drug was named as one of the top five dangerous drugs, by David Graham an employee of the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) office of drug safety.

According to a five-year study by the National Cancer Institute, which explored whether Celebrex T prevented colon polyps and colorectal cancer, has found that people taking the drug had at least a 2.5 times higher risk of cardiac arrests even at a lower dose. During the study, those taking a higher dose had as much a 3.4 times higher risk of heart attacks and stroke.

What’s more shocking that finding out that this drug won’t work is to find out that neither the drug maker nor the FDA have taken action in having this drug out of the market. And here’s another fact, and a main cause of the problem of drugs released in the market without guarantee that they will work – the FDA looks the other way as they continuously allow drug companies to conduct as many trials and studies as they want. When the time comes to report the findings, the good results are the only ones to get through FDA. Then, the drug will be declared “safe” for public consumption by the FDA … Until the dangerous results are seen live on the people who have consumed the the drugs.

This is a frightening occurrence, indeed – for us, the people to trust and rely our well-being on drug companies and the FDA when in fact, all they care about is the profits… Now tell me, how many more have to die before the government has taken concrete steps on wiping out these dangerous drugs from the market and holding the FDA and drug companies responsible?

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