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Meditation is a lifestyle and not a technique. To be successful in any lifestyle we need to have a role model. What kind of role model you follow is very important in one's life. Remember we all are made of energy and energy flow from higher to lower end. Based on your consciousness you'll be able to find your role model.


How do we find the right mix of meditative centre?

All the science aspirants,Guest Posting they find a role model in any of the scientist. We subconsciously follow our role models, it’s a human psychology. To find the best place we need to ask our self “What is that I seek in meditation? “ To get excelled in the field! To find something which is best for my ultimate good? A guide who can help me realise who am I?

Here the answer might be a spiritual guru in your life, who can help you to enlighten yourself, help you evolve 200%; awaken and unlock the hidden infinite power within you. So that you can successfully lay down the foundation for humanity, for mother earth, for our environment and nature.

To help you achieve success in your endeavour, I would suggest you try a Baby Step.

Whatever we want to create, first it is created in mind with the help of emotions and expressions then only it get manifested into physical reality. So, you should be very clear what you exactly seek in the form of meditation. Good health, good relation, materialization world, money, career

Following are few guided meditation institutes which I would like to suggest to all meditation seekers. These divine institutes are “Finishing Schools” guided by ascended masters.

Art of Living

Art of Silence Retreat

  • Ashram in Bangalore.


  • H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji the founder. His followers call him Gurudev.


  • Sudarshan Kriya the most popular meditation taught at every Art of Living centres. Sudarshan Kriya is tailor-made solution for all those who are on the path of “seeking meditation”. Highly recommended for those who serious to travel a journey of meaningful meditation. Those who are true seekers. Sudarshan Kriya founded by Gurudev himself, is blended beautifully with breathing and yogic exercises. AoL centre is all around the globe in 150 countries; and can easily be located in and around your area.



  • H H Sri Sri Ji is the easiest and simplest Guru I’d ever seen in my life. His meditation process is so simple yet very powerful. Remember guru is a tattav, omnipresent; guru is not a body rather a soul. These high souls are always in fourth or higher dimension. One can easily connect to Sri Sri ji, embrace his blessings and can easily feel his presence even though you are not in front of him.


  • Sri Sri Tattva is a subsidiary of AOL dealing in Aryuveda and Nadi Vijyaan. Naiad Vijyaan is our ancient wisdom. A very powerful aryuveda tool to diagnose your disease. All the nadi vaid ji’s of the centre are being trained under the personal guidance of Sri Sri ji; are using our ancient saint’s science the “nadi vigyaan” to heal the disease. One can easily take the benefits of this program. It’s not costly yet cost effective compared to what other treatments are available; and has no side effect of the medicines. One can suggest to their loved ones to avail the benefits. Sri Sri TattvaTattva. You can always get connected to their customer care cell.


  • For more information download the app.


Shiv Yog

  • Ashram in Gurugram and Luck now. Shiv Yog is a science beyond science.


  • Founded by H H Dr Avdhoot Shivanand Ji. His followers call him Babaji. The father of Indian Healing. Babaji’s teaching and preaching is a true integration of Quantum Physics and our ancient wisdom. He has blended our ancient wisdom with modern Quantum Physics. For his outstanding contribution in the field of Cosmic Healing Babbage received accolades and honoured by few states in United States of America.


  • Babaji's son and his disciple Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji a young visionary; a versatile Shiv Yog master pioneer in past life regression and yogic exercises. Founder of “Yoga of Immortal” and an accomplished international wellness coach. Ishan ji has taught sadhna in corporate like google, linkendin, facebook, etc. To learn more about Ishan, visit : Ishan Shivanand or Home


  • Shiv Yog has a very comprehensive meditation program divided into various modules and categories. Prati Prasav Sadhna, Shambhavi Sadhna, Shree Vidhya Sadhna and Weekly Forums.


  • Shiv Yog weekly Forum comprising of meditation, subtle praan kriyas and ancient shiv yog sadhna conducted directly by the ashram and is online, with nominal yearly subscription.Weekly Forum meditation program after pandemic is online. To be a member of Shiv Yog forum you can visit Shiv Yog | Emerging Infinite. Register for yearly forum subscription and receive online weekly meditation every Saturday. The meditation video will be available on your profile for next three days starting from Saturday. Meditation is very powerful and of immense use for starters. This meditation program is very powerful tool and is of great use to students and to those who are preparing for competition tests. Forum is a single roof to plunge into divinity and skyrocket your guru bhakti.


  • Prati Prasav Sadhna (past life regression) is a very powerful sadhna to burn your karmic layers. It’s a process to heal your past life karmic baggage. This sadhna is performed under the guidance of Acharya Ishan ji. Shambhavi and Shree Vidhya Sadhna are performed under the guidance of his holiness Babaji. All these sadhna's are very powerful tools. Shree Vidhya Sadhna is the ultimate sadhna for materialization.


  • Yoga Of Immortal a flagship Meditative and Yoga program specially designed by Acharya Ishan ji is available over Shiv Yog Play App. It is rigorously designed; a six month comprehensive module blended with ancient yoga and sacred meditation. Highly recommended for everyone. Will change your life. The cost of the program is very low with monthly subscription of Shiv Yog App. So if you don't like the curriculum you can discontinue next month.


  • For Shakti Sadhna seekers, Shiv Yog is the best divine institute to happen.


  • Shiv Yog Play App. It provide past shivir videos done by His Holiness Babaji. The app is meticulously designed to help the seekers plunge into divinity easily. All the Vedic literature and wisdom is in your hands now through shiv yog play app. Through shiv yog play app embrace the divinity and the wisdom of all past shivirs since early 2000 till now.


Parmarth Niketan

Parmarth Niketan - Wikipedia

  • Ashram in Haridwar and Rishikesh.


  • Run under the guidance of His Holiness Param Pujya Muni Ji maharaj.


  • Visit Parmarth Niketan for all details regarding online yoga and meditation program. The daily activity of ashram is yoga specializing in vinayasa yoga, general hath yoga and yoga nidra. Every morning universal prayer along with morning meditation and satsang is the integral and most auspicious event of the ashram. Nature cure and aryuveda treatment training program is also being organised regularly by the ashram. Online guided meditation program available every morning.


  • Once the pandemic affect is over, you should once try to visit the ashram. Ashram is along the banks of Ganges in the lap of beautiful himalayas in Rishikesh; one of the beautiful ashram of India. Witness a life changing experience by visiting the ashram.


  • Intensive courses on yoga, meditation, pranayama, stress management, acupresure, Reiki, Ayurveda and other ancient traditional programmes are regularly organized by the ashram.


  • Parmarth Niketan is open to all visitors, with no discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, religion, caste or creed.


Isha Foundation


  • Founder His holiness Sadhguru ji .Homepage


  • Ashram is in Coimbatore.


  • A powerful Mobile App is available for all Yoga seekers and spiritual aspirants.


  • Highly efficient and deeply woven yoga program is conducted by the ashram. Visit the site for more details.



Pawan Chintan Dhara

Shriguru Pawan Sinha ji, Spiritual Preceptor, Best Motivator in India

  • Ashram in Ghaziabad.


  • Founder Shriguru Pawan Sinha Ji.


  • The ashram under the auspicious guidance of guru ji working very hard to redefine the Indian historical modes.


  • Ashram conducts comprehensive parenting program.
  • Ashram is conducting online gurukul program for children and teens. The program aims to upgrade the development skills of the children in the field of wisdom, yoga and meditation. This program is widely helpful and acts as a catalyst in the overall growth of the children.


  • Ashram conducts various online meditation programs under the benevolent guidance of guru ji. Ashram has been conducting in house residential meditation programs before pandemic. Post pandemic ashram is conducting online guided meditation program regularly.


  • Contact website for more details.

I hope this will help the true meditation seekers a blissful, meaningful and a very successful journey.

I salute you, and salute the very divine within you.



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