For the treatment of cancer, know the advanced treatment of cancer

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As soon as you hear the name of a dangerous disease like cancer around you, many negative thoughts start coming into the mind. Cancer is a very dangerous disease and the most painful condition occurs when the disease is known and goes through the last stages

As soon as you hear the name of a dangerous disease like cancer around you,Guest Posting many negative thoughts start coming in the mind. Cancer, is a very dangerous disease and the most painful condition occurs when the disease is known and goes through the last stages. If cured and cared for on time, cancer can be easily eradicated. There are many new and advanced treatments available for the treatment of cancer today.




Advance treatment of cancer


Cancer is a dangerous disease, which can be cured by a patient if it is detected in the beginning, but as its stage increases, the risk of life of people increases. Many types of therapy are given to people with advanced-stage cancer. Which includes some advanced treatments, such as-




Personalized and precision medicine

Many researchers have found that cancer activates differently in every patient. In such a situation, doctors are able to understand tumors easily in personalized and precision medicine treatment. With the help of organism and mutation in this, doctors make it easy to decide how cancer can be treated. It is also called 'Targeted Treatment' in which doctors manage to get to the root of the disease.


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Targeted Treatments


Targeted treatment has an important role in the advance treatment of cancer. It takes into consideration those genes, proteins and blood cells, which are helpful in increasing cancer cells. This is very different from the chronic treatment of cancer chemotherapy, as it is considered to be the most advanced way of treating cancer, which works to identify the growing cells of cancer. In this method, doctors can easily detect cancerous tumors.




Examples of targeted treatments

Cancer is treated with trastuzumab or herceptin medication, which contains HER-2 gene mutations. Herceptin is an example of immune targeted therapy. It falls under the category of monoclonal antibodies.



Medicines such as fatinib or guillotrif and cetuximab or erbitux prevent the growth of a substance called EGFR in cancer, which increases the risk of choleractal and lung cancer.


Medicines such as dabrafenib or teffinlar and vemurafenib or jelboraf treat melanoma (skin cancer) in cancer, which contains a mutation BRF (BRF) gene.



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Immunotherapy is of different importance in advanced treatment of cancer. In this method of treatment, the immune system, ie the immune system, is protected from cancer cells.




Monoclonal antibodies

Immune systems produce proteins known as antibodies that work to detect cancer cells that are growing in the body. All antibodies fight against cancer cells. Some antibodies also do this alone, and some are associated with toxic substances, such as chemotherapy, that work to destroy cancer cells.



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Checkpoint inhibitors


Immunotherapy eliminates 'checkpoint inhibitors' substances. Because, behind the checkpoint surface, some cancer cells are frozen which the immune system is not able to find. In such cases, inhibitors work to remove these checkpoints so that the immune system can reduce its effect by finding cancer cells.




Cancer vaccine

Regularly given during cancer, the cancer vaccine helps the immune system fight off diseases such as mumps or measles. Explain that there are two types of cancer vaccine.



Preventive vaccine, also called prophylactic vaccine, is helpful in preventing cancer.


Treatment vaccine, also known as therapeutic vaccine. In this, the immune system of the cancer patient is strengthened which helps in fighting cancer.


Explain that there are two types of cancer preventive vaccine in America. The first is Hume Papillomavirus (HPV) and the second Hepatitis B virus. There, treatment vaccines are also available for metastatic and prostate cancer.



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Proteins called cytokines regulate the growth and functionality of immune cells. It also strengthens the immune system against cancer. It contains two types of proteins, the first interferons, which produce immune cells that fight cancer. Another is Interleukins, which work in close contact with immune cells.



CAR-T-cells therapy



T cells present in the immune system are also called fighter cells, which protect the body from viruses and other diseases. CAR T-cells therapy is a treatment in cancer in which these cells compete strongly with cancer. In this method, doctors first extract T-cells from the bloodstream. They then change the genes of these cells. They do this so that the cancer cells present in the body can be found and eliminated. After this, the doctors do the work of re-inserting T-cells into the body.


Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is also one of the advanced treatments for cancer. In this, cancer cells are killed through radiation. New methods have been added to the radiation therapy treatment of cancer. Let's know….


Intensity Modulated Radio Therapy

With the help of a machine, a large amount of radiation is left in the cancerous area, but it also damages some of the nearby healthy tissue.


Image Guided Radiation Therapy

In this method, doctors identify and treat cancerous areas through image scans such as MRI and CT scan.


Stereotactic radiosurgery

In this, a large amount of radiation is left in a small part of the body affected by cancer. This method is very effective in removing tumors from small parts like brain and spine.


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proton therapy

Proton therapy is the newest technique in radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer. X-rays are used to give radiation to radiotherapy to cancer patients. This type of radiation therapy uses protons which easily eliminate cancer cells. Proton therapy is used to remove tumors from these parts of the body. Like ..


  • Brain
  • Prostate
  • Lame
  • Liver
  • Breast
  • Esophagus
  • Cologne
  • The eyes
  • head and neck




Robot-Assisted Surgery

Let me tell you that operation is still the biggest treatment for cancer treatment. At the same time, in robotic surgery, doctors treat the body with the help of tools and cameras. Doctors perform cancer surgery through robotic arms, which is considered better than a real surgeon. In this method, complex parts of the body can be easily reached. In this method blood also flows less and pain is not detected. At the same time, one does not have to stay in the hospital too much.


 #Robotic surgery is effective in these cancers


  • bladder cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • throat cancer


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