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Women wear perfume to feel vibrant, alive and sexy. The right fragrance has the power to create an aura of mystery, allure and excitement.

Perfume is designed to give women a sense of empowerment and sex appeal that they do not possess under normal circumstances. A dab of the right perfume has the ability to turn heads and create a sensation in any instance causing a stir and creating an exciting buzz. A perfume that perfectly compliments a woman’s style is a good thing. It will help to make that woman more attractive and self assured.

One such powerful and aromatic perfume is made by Halston. Halston is the creator of the unforgettable perfume Halston Classic which was first launched in 1975. Halston Classic was presented to women who were sure of themselves and knew what they wanted out of life. Halston Classic is for the self assured woman who is powerful and confident with her place in society and not afraid of her sex appeal and femininity.

Halston Classic is a rich floral fragrance that combines the best mixture of fresh cut flowers with base notes and deeper darker fragrances. The top notes are comprised of delicious mint,Guest Posting luscious melon, herby green leaves, juicy peach and tangy bergamot. The middle notes are made of sweet smelling carnation, orris root, unforgettable jasmine, homey marigold, ylang-ylang, rich cedar and the classic rose. The base notes are a rich sandal wood, deep amber, patchouli, heady musk, fresh oak moss, vetiver and a surprising and unexpected fragrant burst of incense.

Halston perfumes are perfect for any occasion where a woman really wants to be the center of attention and make a big impression. They are also ideal for an exciting evening out on the town or on an unforgettable romantic getaway.

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