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Sometimes a bad hair day can be all it takes to make your whole day seem like nothing is going right. You know what I mean too, even if this statement sounds absurd. So, aside from dropping large paycheck portions on professional hair treatment services, try looking in your own cupboards and referigerators for great natural home remedies for gorgeous hair.

Sometimes a bad hair day can be all it takes to make your whole day seem like nothing is going right. You know what I mean too,Guest Posting even if this statement sounds absurd. Why is it that you seem to command more positive attention when you feel good about the way your hair looks?

Well, it's arguably because confidence is all in your head, but it's also true that well kept, shiny, lustrous and healthy hair is a true hallmark of beauty, respect and admiration in our society. Healthy looking hair is also usually considered a sign of health. It's the ornament that crowns our head, and through the good and bad times, it's ours to look after and take care of the best we can.

So, what if you can't afford to be spending big bucks at the salon getting fancy hair treatments and $50 haircuts all the time? And what if you don't care to spend your money on the treatments you can do at home that sometimes run at just as high a cost, minus labor of course, that you can buy from high end salons?

Well, there's good news, because you can get bouncier, healthier and shinier hair by using some simple, cheap and easy to obtain products that some people may even keep in their homes as habit as a remedy against dry, dull and brittle hair. The first is one of my favorites, and although you may have to get over the initial shock of the smell when you use this on your head, you will love the results it gives when you're through.

What household hair remedy am I talking about? Vinegar! Yep, good old fashioned vinegar works as a great shine booster and even helps to cleanse the buildup off of the hair that's left from styling products, dirt, dust, and other environmental factors that lend themselves to dull looking hair.

I usually use apple cider vinegar, which is also a great tonic for the inside of the body as well as many of you may have read or heard in the past. In fact, organic apple cider vinegar, affectionately referred to by it's dedicated users as "ACV", has many healing properties beyond your hair if you care to ever read up on that.

What you can do for the vinegar hair rinse is take a good amount of the vinegar up to the shower in a cup. I'd say about one to one and a half cups is good so that you can thoroughly get all of your hair when dousing it.

I like to do my vinegar rinse before I shampoo, because of the smell. This will minimize any unpleasant odor being left behind in your hair, and will prep the hair for the shampoo, which will further cleanse it in preparation for your conditioner.

After you rinse, shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo, then condition the hair with something that is highly emollient. Finish it off with an ice cold water rinse, and you'll have a head of bouncy, shockingly shiny hair, and you will have accomplished buildup removal at the same time, and scalp therapy as well.

The second home remedy for dry or dull hair is to use beer. You can use the same method that I went over with the apple cider vinegar for this. Beer has a lot of nutrients believe it or not, that are good for the hair, and it will also help to cleanse impurities and prep it for a good conditioning, leaving the hair shaft smooth so that you get maximum shine and reflection.

Now, if you're looking more for a protein mask type of treatment, this one may also sound weird, but some love this for the feeling of added thickness to the hair and the fact that they are using a pure protein on the hair which can help strengthen it. What food item am I referring to? Eggs!

That's right, you can use raw eggs (careful not to get any in your mouth!), as a mask on your hair, letting it set in your damp hair for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then rinsing it out, shampooing and conditioning.

Whatever home remedy for your hair you choose, remember that there's almost always a cheaper way to achieve beauty, you just have to know where in your fridge or cupboard to find it!

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