Homeopathy for Hair Growth

Jul 25


Ryan Yash

Ryan Yash

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Every person shed around 80-100 strands of hair every single day and it is absolutely normal if your hair growth balances out the hair loss. However, if there is noticeable thinning of your hair and its texture is becoming dry and listless, you should start paying more attention to your hair. Furthermore, aggravation could directly be related to an unhealthy lifestyle, hereditary factors, or other medical issues.




Causes for Hair loss

It would be difficult to Hair fall can be a result of and influenced by various reasons such as:


  • Stress

Both physical,Homeopathy for Hair Growth Articles as well as emotional stress, may aggravate hair fall. Physical stress can be in the form of an injury or an accident, this type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium.

  • Unhealthy eating habits (Vitamin A )

Eating too much fried, refined and junk food may lead to hair fall as it doesn’t seem to provide the required nutrients necessary for hair functioning. However, there also have been studies that show that consuming too much Vitamin A can lead to an increase in hair fall.

  • Excessive dieting

When you diet extensively, the body is deprived of some essential nutrients if you are not thinking of what you are eating. This lack of nutrition may lead to an excess of hair fall.

  • Ageing

As we all know, that we start losing hair day by day as we grow older. Both men and women experience this. But the pattern of hair fall varies in both. Men experience excessive hair fall from the temple region of the head; this is known as male pattern baldness. While women experience more hair falling from the frontal and parietal area of the skull and this is known as female pattern baldness.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Imbalance in the hormonal axis may lead to excessive hair fall.

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS may lead to hormonal fluctuations, which may further lead to increased hair loss.

  • Autoimmune diseases

Most of the autoimmune diseases weaken our immune system to a great extent affecting almost every system of the body. One of the effects is also disproportionate hair fall.

  • Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking also are considered to be the causes of the increase in hair fall in some people.

  • Pollution

Pollution across the globe leads to numerous health issues, one of which can be excessive falling of the hair.

  • Using chemical-based hair products and treatments

Certain hair products may consist of chemicals that harm the hair. Even certain hair treatments that are done using chemicals may weaken the hair roots and may cause tremendous hair to fall as a secondary effect when you stop taking the treatment.

  • Hereditary

Genetic factors play an important role in how your hair is. However, there can be much less that can be done about it.

  • Change of weather

It is usually observed that during winters you may notice extra hair fall in your shower and bathroom floor. Winter months tend to bring up hair issues such as dandruff and irritation of the scalp, which may cause even greater hair fall out than usual.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnancy may be responsible for hair loss caused by physical stress. Post-delivery hair loss is also very commonly seen in women.

  • Thyroid disorder

It has been observed that when your thyroid is under or over functional, it may directly affect the health of your hair, proceeding to hair loss.

  • Iron-deficiency Anemia and Vitamin D deficiency

Consuming adequate minerals and vitamins is extremely necessary when it comes to maintaining the health of your hair. Deficiency of some nutrients such as iron or Vitamin D may lead to unreasonable hair loss.


Treatment of Hair Loss


Every other day we have some of the other medicine or treatment for hair loss, which is tagged with promises of you growing back your hair. However, most of them miserably fail to keep their promise and you only end up spending more of your hard-earned money. Having said that very few people know that there are only two FDA approved remedies for increasing hair growth. One of them is topical minoxidil and the other drug is Propecia, which is a small dose of the prostate

drug finasteride. However, these medicines do not work for everyone, especially when there is actual baldness rather than just thinning of hair. Moreover, they carry a host of side effects with them.


 Alternative Therapy for Hair Fall and Enhance Hair Growth 


Complementary natural care includes health sciences such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Nutritional supplements that can give you a positive hope to lead a better life without any side effects. Natural ingredients like Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia belliric, Calcarea phos., Calcarea flour, Eclipta alba, and Sulphur have shown tremendous effects in clinical studies on hair growth. Biogetica is pleased to present Anagrow™ which is the first plant stem cell-based therapy for thinning hair. It helps to improve blood circulation and assist cell regeneration leading to the growth of new hair. To learn more about our trendsetting products consult one of our Doctors at https://www.biogetica.com/hair-regrowth-stem-cell-anagrow#overview

Let us go through revolutionary studies on homoeopathic formulations:


  • Calcarea Phos

Studies suggest that homeopathic Calcarea phos. May help to promote healthy hair growth even in children and infants.

[ Link to- https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=calcarea+phosphorica+and+hair+loss&btnG= ]



  • Fluoric Acid

This remedy is prepared from the potentization of hydrofluoric acid. Research states that homeopathic fluoric acid can help to reduce hair fall especially those falling in patches. 


[Link to- https://web.b.ebscohost.com/abstract?direct=true&profile=ehost&scope=site&authtype=crawler&jrnl=09759840&AN=115593831&h=BccW338THypxA4BvQ2VxpO0BhIxysKYy%2bYQIYwGJM0rkA8K7h7acUhm1TsPBlxTY4NwGVetdAjge1sBSq2rhYQ%3d%3d&crl=c&resultNs=AdminWebAuth&resultLocal=ErrCrlNotAuth&crlhashurl=login.aspx%3fdirect%3dtrue%26profile%3dehost%26scope%3dsite%26authtype%3dcrawler%26jrnl%3d09759840%26AN%3d115593831 ]


  • Thuja Occidentalis

Research suggests that homeopathic thuja occidentalis help to improve hair functioning and reduce hair loss especially related to dryness of scalp and scaly dandruff.


[ Link to- http://www.aohindia.in/jspui/bitstream/123456789/4237/1/Thuja%20Occ%20428.pdf ]

Homeopathic formulations along with an improved lifestyle and diet can help all aspects of hair fall. Nearly all the Biogetica products have traditional use clinical analysis from Ayurveda and Homeopathy and are supported by modern studies and trials. If you are looking for a safe, natural, and effective management for Hair loss, please contact one of the doctors at https://www.biogetica.com/hair-regrowth-stem-cell-anagrow#hair-loss-treatment

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