Hopefully, One Day Soon, We Will Have a Treatment for Cancer that Works More Safely..

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The world we share today is filled with health problems. It's hard to say if many of them existed long ago, since they lacked the technology to understand.

With the HIV virus and a plethora of other STDs on the rise,Guest Posting it's hard to even keep up with what's out there. One thing we've learned to anticipate is cancer. This horrible disease takes many of us by surprise. Luckily, in this day of modern medicine, you can find a treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy is a prime treatment for cancer. It works as a poison in the human body in order to kill the cancer cells. Unfortunately, poisons aren't good for our bodies. This is where cancer victims have to fight for their lives and sanity while losing their hair. It's a gut wrenching process, but one we humans have to deal with. Researchers are always on the lookout for that new treatment for cancer. This disease probably affects our species worse than any other illness. While some believe the HIV virus to be the worst of illnesses known to man, simply because it ensures death at some point when AIDS kicks in, I feel that cancer is much worse because it can't be prevented. Even those who eat well and live right can still be afflicted with cancer. I recall standing in line at a grocery store, and the man ahead of me was very jovial and physically fit. I didn't really give him a second thought until I heard him interact with the sales clerk. She asked him if he wanted to donate a dollar to a breast cancer foundation. He responded with a resounding, no. The sales clerk looked slightly annoyed at his reaction, but I'm sure she'd heard it a million times. Then the man stated why he didn't wish to donate. He said, "I had cancer and needed their help, but they wouldn't help me. It seemed I had the wrong kind of cancer." The sales lady looked speechless. Treatment for cancer can not only be harsh on the body, but hard to afford as well. This is why there are foundations in place. It's clear that research must be done before checking with certain cancer treatment organizations for assistance. Hopefully one day soon we will have a treatment for cancer that works more safely and effectively than what is offered today, or better yet, a cure.

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