How does NDIS help specially-abled parents?

Nov 19


Priyanka Khanna

Priyanka Khanna

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This article is all about NDIS services and how they helpw speciallyabled parents and children.


Parenting is the most beautiful experience anyone can have which brings along special memories with children.

For all parents,How does NDIS help specially-abled parents? Articles seeing their children prosper and grow is not only a beautiful but soulful journey. Though not easy but this special stage of life can become even more difficult when you are a parent living with a disability.

As a parent whether you are living with physical, emotional, intellectual, or any mental health condition, complexities can become even more when you are trying to devote time to your health.

But NDIS is always there to assist you to help you meet your needs. This is how NDIS can help you while you are dealing with disability-


  • When you are dealing with an intellectual disability

    As a parent if you are dealing with an intellectual disability then raising children can add more pressures to your life. If you have an intellectual disability then assisting your kids to learn and comprehend can be hard.

    You may also find it hard to look for a job for yourself. In such conditions, you or your loved one definitely needs additional support from family and friends. So don't be hesitant to take help from your loved ones.


NDIS can help you with funding and support and it can be of great help during your parenting process.

  • Parenting when you are facing physical disability

    Depending upon the type of disability you are facing, it can become difficult for you to create a bond with your child especially when it requires feeding your child, holding, or chasing them around in the house. 


You can also face social challenges as you might not be available to go out with them.

It can affect your parenting and you may find it harder to keep up with your job, children at the same time.

Despite all these challenges, parents who are suffering from physical disability find ways to deal with and overcome their limitations.

NDIS helps in providing support for assistive technology or aid equipment apart from other supports. It can help you accomplish day to day tasks with ease so that you can spend more time with your children.

Keeping yourself positive will help you deal with challenges easily and will boost your self-confidence.


  • When you are dealing with mental health conditions

    Mental health issues are not uncommon now. Most individuals suffer from mood disorders, antenatal, or postnatal depression which are mostly short term.

    Whereas there are other conditions which can be long-term too and can have a major impact on a person’s life.

    You may even feel that you are failing as a parent. But don't worry as it does not make you a bad parent. It simply means that you need little or extra support to help you.


If you are suffering from any of such conditions, then you may qualify for NDIS. In Australia, there are numerous NDIS service providers offering healthcare support as per your needs and requirements. If your disability is affecting your ability to take care of your family, then it is the right time to take assistance from a professional service provider.


Let your disability not get in your way of spending quality time with your children. Don't hesitate to take assistance from professionals who can make your parenting journey rewarding and fulfilling.