How to Identify Drug Dependency

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Drug dependency is a state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drugs. Its characteristics include: (i) an overpowering desire or need (compulsion) to continue taking the drug and to obtain it by any means; (ii) a tendency to increase the dose; (iii) a psychic (psychological) and generally a physical dependence on the effects of the drug; and (iv) detrimental effects on the individual and on society. Our aim is to help you come out of these symptoms by choosing natural and legal drugs.

Drug dependency is described as the repeated use of a drug despite the damage and problems caused due to drug use. If the user stops taking the drug then withdrawal symptoms are experienced. Drug dependency doesn’t only include illegal drugs that are very addictive by prescription drugs too. Repeated use and abuse of a prescription drug can also cause drug dependency and is a symptom too.  If you are wondering if you have a drug dependency or are worried about a loved one then the following symptoms may help you identify the condition. Do remember that different drugs would cause varied symptoms of dependency.

- Drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine are stimulants and increase the blood pressure,Guest Posting heart beat and metabolism. They don’t allow the user to focus or concentrate well and also cause sleep difficulties.
- In case of drugs like opiates and barbiturates that depress the nervous system abnormally slow movements are common as is a slowdown in speech and reaction time. The person may also seem confused and disoriented with his or her surroundings.
- Sudden and rapid weight gain or loss.
- Change in lifestyle and clothing. A drug user may wear long sleeved clothes, even in summer when it is hot, in order to cover up injection sites.
- In users who snort drugs nosebleeds and sinusitis may be common.
- For inhaled drugs excessive coughing and bronchitis may be a symptom of drug dependency.
- Drastic cycles of rise and fall in energy.
- Depression
- Delusions and hallucinations
- Low threshold of violence
- If the drug isn’t taken for a few days withdrawal symptoms are apparent. These include vomiting, shakes, chills, agitation, insomnia and hallucinations.

Affects of drug dependency
It may be difficult for drug dependent people to hold a job for long stretches of time and would also interfere in interpersonal relations with friends and family. It is important to realize when a drug is taking over your body and life and governs the way you think and believe. Drugs such as illegal drugs send out wrong signals to your brain and confuse it into thinking and feeling things. A drug dependency doesn’t just affect you physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Most often it takes away one’s ability to function independently.

Natural highs
It is important that when you choose a drug for a high you opt for one that is natural and legal. These drugs have been used for centuries by people to elevate their mood, reduce pain and pep up their lives. They are made from natural ingredients like seeds, herbs, roots flowers and bark of trees. On we offer only the most natural and legal of drugs, with no adulteration. We believe that adults must be free to make their decisions and enjoy themselves as they wish to. However, we also would like our customers to stay safe with natural and legal drugs. These drugs temporarily enhance the mood and make you feel better and don’t cause any harm or long term damage.

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