How to Use Shoulder Immobilizer at Home

Dec 12


Meena Rai

Meena Rai

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Shoulder immobilizer is designed for the sole purpose of relieving your shoulder from pain or any kind of discomfort.


It is also used right after patient go through shoulder surgeries to provide support to the shoulder. It can be used for shoulder dislocation or fracture and it depends on your injury that how long you’re going to wear it.

A joint that is immobilized too long can become stiff and lose range of motion. Follow-up with your doctor as advised and do not use the shoulder immobilizer longer than directed. You can buy shoulder immobilizer online or from a medical store as well,How to Use Shoulder Immobilizer at Home Articles just make sure that you first ask your doctor on what type of brace should you go with.

Home Use:

  1. Leave the shoulder immobilizer in place as long as directed by your doctor. Unless told otherwise, you should sleep with it in place.
  2. If you are being treated for a shoulder dislocation, you may take the immobilizer off to bathe or dress, but do not try to raise your arm away from your body. Reapply the immobilizer as soon as possible.
  3. If you are being treated for a shoulder fracture, leave the shoulder brace in place until your next exam.
  4. The shoulder immobilizer is adjustable. If it becomes loose, adjust it so that your arm is snug against your body and your forearm is horizontal (level with the ground). Your hand should be level with the elbow.

When to Use:

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions on When to Wear Your Sling

Your doctor will give you specific instructions for purchasing best shoulder support and wearing it. If you had surgery, you will likely wear the sling until your follow-up appointment. You will gradually decrease your sling use. As you heal from an injury or surgery, you may only need it while awake, or at night, or as needed for comfort. While wearing your sling, move your fingers and wrist several times a day to prevent stiffness.

Wear Your Shoulder Sling Properly

The sling shoulder strap goes from the elbow of the injured arm, across your back to the opposite shoulder, and down across your chest to the wrist of the injured arm. You can attach the strap before you put it on and adjust it after it’s in position. Your hand should be at or above the level of your elbow. Adjust the strap pad comfortably near your neck. Ask your doctor to review your sling’s instructions with you.

Take Care When Bathing

You may or may not need help bathing for the first few weeks in a sling or if you’re wearing any other type of brace such as knee caps braces or any other kind of health aid. If your injury is minor, your doctor may allow you to remove the sling and bathe freely. For more severe injuries or surgery, your doctor may tell you to remove the sling but not to use your injured arm to bathe. This means you will need someone to wash your healthy arm.

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