Is It Possible To Prevent Wrinkled Skin?

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For years experts have been trying to find a cure for wrinkled skin. Is it possible? A little help naturally and a bit of effort from yourself and the answer could be yes.

The condition of our skin tells us a lot about our diets and the lifestyle that we lead.Wrinkled skin can catch up with you before you know it,Guest Posting but how can we prevent it in the first place?

Experts will have you believe that we are only delaying the inevitable. With home remedies and major advances in the field of dermatology, wrinkled skin treatments have proven to be fairly effective.Alpha-hydroxic acids or AHAs that are found in lotions and facial creams contain vitamin A and is derived from milk, fruits and sugar cane. This works by clearing away dead cells from the skin surface, encouraging collagen growth which in turn fills in wrinkles and also counteracts skin damaging free radicals. Skin irritation is sometimes a side effect but test the product by rubbing a small dab of it into the skin behind your ear. If there is no redness the day after you have rubbed it in then the product is safe to use.

Exfoliation of your skin twice a week will remove dead and dry skin cells and encourage new skin cells to be produced naturally. And as new skin cells are naturally hydrated your skin should be able to absorb creams and moisturizer better.

A natural way to prevent skin wrinkles is by applying a piece of aloe vera to the skin directly. Aloe vera contains malic acid which is an organic compound. Enzymes that are found in Papaya etch away the top layer of the skin, the dead cells, and is another great natural product.

Applying moisturising cream after washing will obviously help retain moisture in the skin and if your moisturizer contains SPF30 then all the better, because, the suns ultra-violet light rays are a major cause of wrinkled skin. Avocados contain vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, so a fresh avocado also helps with your wrinkled skin treatment.Drinking lots of water and having a healthy diet is also a logical choice alongside applying creams to your face. Foods rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids will also help your skin cells structure to improve. Regular exercise, not smoking or drinking alcohol too much will obviously help to maintain general health which in turn improves circulation to your skin

Believe it or not stress can also affect your facial skin by causing crease lines along the brow, so smile and be happy. Wear a hat when outdoors and sunglasses too, these will offer some protection against wrinkled skin.

If we take the appropriate steps wrinkled skin can be prevented naturally and cheaply without having to revert to expensive laser surgery or injections of chemicals into your body. Do your best with the above mentioned ideas before resorting to other means.

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