IVF - One-Stop Solution For All Infertility Problems

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IVF treatment is considered to be the safest and amongst the most effective options. IVF is one stop solution for all infertility problems. Read this article to know all about IVF.

In-vitro fertilization involves giving hormonal injections to the woman to stimulate the production of eggs by the ovaries. The egg(s) and the semen sample is then collected and placed in a laboratory dish. When the sperm fertilizes the egg(s) and the resulting embryo(s) is transferred into the uterus of the female. 

A proportion of women are unable to conceive due to a variety of hormonal issues. Infertility can be caused by a variety of factors,Guest Posting including maternal age, damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, and male infertility (low sperm count). IVF is the most effective technique to treat infertility. IVF treatment in Gurgaon has proven to be effective in treating all types of infertility issues.

What Is The Procedure? 

  • The ovary is monitored in the first phase, and the mother is given a course of medications to stimulate the ovaries by the doctors. This will yield at least 13-15 mature eggs in the future.
  • In the second step, blood tests and ultrasounds are used to assess the impact of fertility medicines.
  • The third step is egg maturation, which involves injecting a drug into the female's eggs to cause them to mature.
  • The fourth phase is egg collection, which involves administering anesthesia to the female and retrieving eggs from her body.
  • The collection of male sperm is the fifth step; on the same day as the mother's eggs are harvested, the male partner likewise provides a sample of his sperm.
  • The egg is fertilized by the sperm in the sixth phase, which takes place in a laboratory. This results in the development of an embryo. The embryo is put into the female's body in the seventh step, but only once it has been correctly created. The pregnancy test, which is usually done after two weeks following embryo transfer, is the eighth and last step of IVF treatment. This pregnancy test will determine the overall results of IVF treatment.

When To Go For IVF?

This process is largely aimed towards couples facing structural obstacles, like damaged fallopian tubes, low egg counts, male fertility problems. It is also chosen by people going for surrogacy or pregnancy through the help of a donor. 

What Are The Pros? 

  • Success rates are higher as a visible embryo is formed. 
  • More helpful for an advanced aged woman. 
  • Ideal option for single women and same-sex couples. 

In India, IVF treatment is considered to be the safest and amongst the most effective options. Several couples have returned home with healthy children after IVF. 

To secure nothing but the best infertility treatment in Gurgaon, get in touch with the best, highly-skilled and experienced medical professionals and obtain treatment through top-notch, state-of-the-art equipment. 

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