Katy Perry Joins GHD To Promote Its Best Flat Irons

Mar 28


Jane Grasser

Jane Grasser

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Katy Perry has a great sense of fashion. She can pull off any hair style. How many women can say they can pull off an electric blue hair style. Only Katy Perry could. Many women are wondering how Katy Perry pulls off her killer hair styles. She recently signed a contract with GHD to promote their best flat irons.


Katy Perry's hair is the epitome of hair fashion. The fashion star sports some of the craziest hair dos. She can even pull of blue hair. In Paris,Katy Perry Joins GHD To Promote Its Best Flat Irons Articles she was spotted wearing a shocking electric blue wig. Few women if any can pull of blue hair. Kate Perry can do it without even trying. Katy Perry is the definition of sass and style.

Recently,GHD has locked in Katy Perry as the spokesperson for their line of GHD hair straighteners. Katy represents the modern woman with her sharp and devoted sense of style. She often challenges the boundaries of beauty. GHD hopes that its association with Katy Perry will make the brand more recognizable in the world of fashion.

Katy Perry plans to use GHD products on her International upcoming tour called "California Dream 201." She is very excited to be a part of the GHD family. GHD and its products have a reputation of being one of the premier brands in the fashion industry and its association with Katy Perry solidifies this. Katy Perry recently worked with David LaChapelle during the GHD advertising campaign. She will be revealing these innovative styles very soon. So keep your eyes opened.

Women will be excited to grab a pair of GHD flat irons that are endorsed by the fashion goddess herself. But have women become addicted to flat irons in order to be like the stars? It's difficult not to be when you see stars like Katy Perry with perfectly straight hair advertising the use of these products.

Many women are addicted to straightening their hair. Right now it is fashionable to have straight hair. Women who don't have straight hair have to actually use a hot iron to straighten their hair. The problem is that most women are using a flat iron inaccurately or using the wrong one. You have to know how to use it so your hair will not look frizzy and damaged.

Using even the best flat iron the wrong way weakens hair and dries it out. Hair will break more easily. Hair Care professionals encourage users to try to buy a flat iron with a temperature control knob. Ideally, the temperature should be kept under 180 degrees. Further, it is not advisable to use a flat iron every day.