Lung cancer treatment: prevention better than cure

Sep 7


Koay Lye Chin

Koay Lye Chin

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It talk about Lung cancer treatment: prevention better than cure


A number of doctors and scientists have advised the smokers to quit from smoking,Lung cancer treatment:  prevention better than cure   Articles as major cause leading to lung cancer and lung cancer is lethal disease. Today worldwide about 1.3 million people are suffering for lung cancer and US is about 170,000 reported deaths annually. The most common lung cancer categories are small non cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. Non small cell lung cancer spread over to other part of organ with fast and unknown sign once you detect is under the cancerous, small cell lung cancer early detect is higher possibility of extended a life patient and properlung cancer treatment.

Besides that, smoking lead to lung cancer other like asbestos, exposure to Radon as well. People expose to Radon mostly due to he or she is working in mine, Radon is no smile and invisible gas and release by soil from building. Other like family background, there is higher chance of getting lung cancer that immediate family history have cancer. Undeniable, 90 per cent of lung cancer was caused by smoking so that smoker needs to bear in mind to take responsibility for the bad consequence.

Is not harmed that lung cancer patient look for other lung cancer treatment, there is several of lung cancer treatment such as herbal, Chinese acupuncture, yoga, spiritual healing, and some nutritional product. Off course it is advisable to consult your doctors before you under go any alternative lung cancer treatment, as each lung cancer patient may be different stage and symptom.

It is believe that preventive better than cure, that have several food and drink is anti cancer like soybeans, soybean contain antioxidant, Geneistein where believe that have power to inhibit the growth of lung cancer cell soybean also contain other substance like beta carotene, alpha carotene are trusted by researchers in preventing a risk of lung cancer

Fruit like an apple also playing important role to keep away from lung cancer.  Researcher like Finnish suggests that an apple per day may protection for the lung and less 58% chance of developing lung cancer. For smokers are advisable to take at least 5 apples to lower the risk of developing cancer.

Supplement like selenium also showing to aid for reducing the developing of lung cancer, taking selenium is long term to basis. Researcher suggests that daily taking 55-200 mcg of the selenium had a 46% aid for reducing lung cancer development.

Recently, lycopene also considered very valuable fruit to lower risk of lung cancer, lycopene is given tomatoes. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and contain biggest beta carotene and other dietary carotenoids. Beta carotene strengthens the human immunes system to defend lung cancer. The researchers also proved that people with lower with lycopene blood level had higher chance of develop the risk of cancer than people with higher lycopene levels, so started today you should take tomatoes daily increase your body immunes system to defend the risk of lung cancer.

 To avoid the risk of lung cancer, preventing is very important than treatment once you detect it, it may too late. Looking for right lung cancer treatment is also important to extend your life with your valuable family, this a lethal so that seeking a proper lung cancer treatment should take into account especially considered for alternative treatment once your doctor inform you that.