Maintain the integrity of your haircare with organic plant based hair color

Sep 16


James Armendo

James Armendo

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Biocoiff is one of the leading names that deal in natural vegetal hair color, plant based hair dyes and organic hair care products created by using the natural synergy of plant extracts to nourish and protect your hair.


There are varieties of hair dyes available in the market that we use for coloring hair. But do you know that these synthetic hair colors are filled with harsh chemicals like parabens,Maintain the integrity of your haircare with organic plant based hair color Articles ammonia, etc. that not only damage your hair but your scalp too. When your mane is exposed to harsh chemicals for long time, it will make them less shiny, brittle and frizzy.

On the other side, plant-based hair colors are made by natural ingredients like herbs and plant extract that naturally color your locks. These organic hair colors are better absorbed by your hair follicles to strengthen them while coloring. They are filled with plant natural ingredients such as Rhubarb, chinchphona plant, walnut husk, tea tree and more, depending on the brand, to help you maintain the healthiness of your locks by nourishing them.

Use plant based hair color on different hair types

The plant-based coloring process is different from chemical-based hair color dyes. If you want to use plant based hair color then you need to pre-treat your hair as per your hair type. Like, for normal hair, you need to use detox mask that helps in removing any silicone buildup or residue on your scalp from previous chemical based hair dyes. The sensitive hair needs to be pre-treated with moisturizing hair care oil that contains herbal extracts and essential oils. Once you build the proper foundation of your hair, you can use plant based hair dye for best color absorption.

Safe and efficient way of hair coloring

The organic plant-based colors are safe to use and free from chemicals. Even, women can use these hair colors during pregnancy. These plant-based colors contain 95 to 98 percent of naturally derived ingredients that make it safe to use them on your hair and scalp. Whether you have straight or frizzy hair, plant based hair colors are suitable for both men and women.

The organic hair colors contain the right mixture of dye plants, Ayurvedic plants and water. This combination is filled with beneficial properties that not only nourish and thicken your locks but also strengthen and revitalize them. It work like a hair care product that colors your locks as well as regains the quality of your hair which get damaged due to overuse of corrosive products and chemical additives.

Choose the certified organic hair color

Biocoiff is one of the leading brands that offer natural plant based hair dyes and organic hair color products made of natural plant extracts to nourish and protect your locks. The plant based hair color from Biocoiff will allow you to color your hair efficiently without any side effects. Biocoiff is an organic hair dresser expert in plant based color and provides wide range of organic and natural hair care products which are gentle and safe on your hair, scalp and skin.

You can order personalized color boxes from their site as well as get online assistance to choose the best product for your hair care need.  They are providing two boxes of color in which first one is for those who make their hair color for the first time. The second one is for those who have already come to Biocoiff salon or already made a first vegetal dye.

Apart from organic hair color, you can find a wide range of certified organic hair care products at Biocoiff that include Aloe Vera gel for moisturizing and styling, jasmine balm for dry hair, organic certified shampoos and conditioners, and more.

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