Mental Disorder on the Rise in Teens

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Mental disorder is becoming rampant in children.

Mental disorder among youths is brought by various factors.  Statistics show that 1 in every 5 teens has mental disorder.  Summing up,Guest Posting more than 5 million teens have mental illness.  Teenage mental disorder is becoming a national crisis.  Having a kid undergoing such struggle need to battle with the help of specialists and some Canadian drugs – families cannot do it alone. 

Parents tend to deny that their child is having a mental illness brought by the fear of failure, degradation, embarrassment and shame.  It takes a huge amount of courage to accept the truth and deal with it.  The hardest yet the best to do is to let the child undergo a treatment to save his life.  Further, one of the common forms of mental illness is anxiety disorder.  What’s worse is more and more Canadians are suffering from anxiety disorders.

Causes of mental disorder

-   Canada drug and alcohol abuse cause mental illness by altering the neurochemistry of their brain early in their adolescent stage.

-   Too much stress causes depression and suicidal thoughts and consequently resulting to mental illness.

-   Pressure from parents who implement so many activities for their children to comply constitutes to a child’s poor mental health.  They have a constant fear that their parents may find out that they are not perfect.

-   Teens who are not prepared to go about with life (affected by parents who always interfere to solve their kid’s problems) get easily anxious and overwhelmed.

-   The poor economy as well plays a vital role in the mental health of adolescents – they are nurtured to get a quality education in order to land in a good job.  However, finding a job is no longer easy putting on more stress and pressure into the young mind.

Physical symptoms of mental disorder

-   Muscle tension

-   Failure to relax

-   Restlessness

-   Irritability

-   Sleeping disorders

Treatment for mental disorder

-   Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most common treatment for mental illness, and it has been refined as years passed by.  Patients are encouraged to face their fears and anxieties.

-   Internet availability can help in gathering information about the illness.  Various facts and researches are readily accessible on the web. Also, social networking allows parents and teenagers interact more even with patients across the globe.  Distant resources are just a chat away.

-   Intake of Canadian prescription drugs help by altering certain chemicals in the body to reduce symptoms of mental illness.

Cost may be a constraint for medical treatment but there are government health plans available.  Help is available; hope is just around the corner.  Don’t let mental disorder put you down. 

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