Mobile clinics trailers for sale in the USA

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High quality Mobile Dental/Medical Trailers come in variety of sizes, shapes, makes, & models to suit your needs. Most of the features such as Commercial Platform, Integrated Ramp, Durable Materials, Solid Surface Counters, Handicap Products etc. are similar for use in the USA or Globally.  The unique characteristics of terrain in the various countries will necessitate additional features such as heavier suspensions, raised platforms, external lightings, additional security etc.

Wide range of Mobile Dental & Medical Units to reach patients in Schools,Guest Posting Outreach Programs, Inter-City, Urban, Rural or Health Screening can be designed & manufactured to meet any specific requirements, budget and time lines.

Variety of models is available for efficient workflow, comfort, privacy & convenience for Patients.  Ergonomic Trailer design in conjunction with the ergonomically designed CLEVEDENT Dental Workstations designed by Dr. Brad Hylan makes our Dental/Medical Clinic Trailers uniquely suited for your needs.

The high quality Mobile Dental/Medical Units has many common features, such as Commercial Platforms, Integrated Ramp, Durable materials, Solid Surface Counters, Efficient Floor Plan Layout to Exterior graphic design.

Special Purpose Vehicles with Boutique style custom built will be suitable for variety of Mobile Formats such as Dental, Medical, Mammography, Bone Dentistry, Health Screening, Nuclear Imaging, TB Screening, CT, Veterinary, Physical Therapy, Transport, Police Mobile Command Post, Utility Vehicles, Exhibit Trailers, Testing Laboratories and More.

We have 70 plus years of combine Dental and manufacturing experience, 16,000 square feet of manufacturing facility on 19 acres, In house design staff and all the manufacturing is done in house. Combine this with innovative features, quality workmanship & outstanding Customer Service and we are ready to offer you our Creations for your total satisfaction.

Our technical resources involving the following give us confidence that we can do your project of 1 unit or 1,000 units.

*Certified to install most manufacturers’ equipment.

* Stringent environmental, Road shock/vibrations & military tests.  Units are designed to minimize shock, vibrations & noise and ease of use to the Operator.    

* We will represent you and help you with financial & insurance Companies.

After some basic research, your next step may be to request a project proposal that will include a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing per your specifications, itemized list of features,equipment (Dental or Medical) included, external paint color, detail price quotation, shipping & insurance fees, maintenance service if required, warranty issues, lead times and financial details.  Financial loan & lease options are available for qualified customers globally.  We also serve institutional & Government entities globally. 


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Mike Dobbins

This article was jointly authored by Kirit Bhatt and Mike Dobbins. Kirit had owned a Dental Supplies & Equipment Business for over 26 years marketing Dental products, Ergonomic Dental Workstations and Mobile Dental Coaches and trailers globally. Mike has owned a Mobile Coaches and Trailers manufacturing company and sold the units globally. His service involves CAD Drawings to help educate the potential buyers to finalize their projects. Mika’s company “Mobile Conversions” has capacity to build new Coaches/Trailers or Recondition the used units that look like new.

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