Panic Attack Relief - How to Cure Panic Attacks Naturally

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Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? This article reveals the secrets to treating your panic attack disorder with some simple natural solutions that will keep you free from anxiety attacks forever.

Having a panic attack is the body's reaction to a psychological trigger that has been set off.  Several people who have had a panic attack mistakenly go to the emergency room thinking that they are having a heart attack.  Once there,Guest Posting they are informed that what they were suffering from was actually a panic attack.  That is when you learn to know the difference and seek panic attack relief at the first signs of a panic attack.

The symptoms of a panic attack can actually be very similar to a heart attack as you can feel dizzy and hyperventilate which will cause the heart to start thumping, leading to severe chest pain.  Loss of equilibrium and an itchy feeling of your hands can also occur with a panic attack.  The two main factors of the attack are anxiety and panic.  This reaction can even at times get in the way of your life and daily routine making it near impossible to do anything.  Once you learn to know the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack you will know that you are not dying and then learn the steps to get your panic attack under control with techniques for panic attack relief. 

There is a major factor that you need to take into consideration when you realize a panic attack is coming and that is to control the anxiety so that it does not lead to a full blow panic attack.  The best form of panic attack relief is to simply take deep, slow breaths.  What can get you into trouble is when you start those rapid, shallow breaths and then you start to hyperventilate.  Hyperventilation needs to be gotten under control as that is what can cause many things such as the dizziness and lightheadedness.  This happens because there is too much oxygen being taken to the brain at one time and it has trouble processing all of it. 

There are many commercial pharmaceuticals that can be used for panic attack relief and are widely available making them a huge profit business.  I would recommend using those only if you have a severe panic attack, reason being that there are many natural alternatives that you can use that can give you the same relief.  One of the first things that you should take into consideration is that the panic attack will generally stem from some sort of psychological fear.  There is more often than not a certain trigger that you hit in your mind that sets off these attacks.  It might be that you have a horrid fear of spiders.  Some people will see one and start hyperventilating on the spot.  If that is what happens to you then you need start taking deep slow breaths and remind yourself that the spider is such a small thing that can easily be squashed under your boot.  It's that simple.  You have to be in control of your fear to get the panic attack relief that you need.

To get the best panic attack relief you just need to remember to be in charge, you can make your body come under control.  You just have to be willing to try.

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