Procedures versus Products When It Comes To a Turkey Neck

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Are you starting to see the signs of aging appearing on your neck? If you answered yes to this question, then the decision of using a product or paying for a procedure may have already crossed you mind. The author talks about the differences between using an anti aging procedure for your neck versus using a neck cream .

                This topic always comes up when talking about any anti aging issue. What is the best avenue to travel; should you go under the knife and fix your “turkey neck” or wrinkled skin,Guest Posting or should you use a neck cream or system to help with the appearance of wrinkles. Both will do the job in the end, but the question still remains, which will do it better?

                Let us start off by talking about the surgical aspect of the neck. Procedures to fix extra skin and a sagging neck often fall under the lift category. To be exact this is called a neck lift (pretty obvious right) and the procedure, usually in combination with a face-lift, takes the extra skin and pulls it upwards towards the ears. Then, after the skin is pulled back to its original look, they cut off the excess and sew you back up. This means scars are possible, recovery time is essential, and if you do not treat your skin well the skin will grow back eventually; leaving you having to do the procedure more than once. Spending thousands of dollars every couple of years may not be a big deal to some but to me it seems not worth it.

                Now, on to the product talk. Even if you have to by your neck creams more often than a couple of years, the cost will still not equal that of a surgery to keep your skin smooth and tight. In addition to this, there are no scars or recovery times to deal with. The only problems with using a neck cream is that they take a little bit longer to work and with so many options it can get quite confusing . The simple answers to these issues are patience and research. Patience in letting the neck cream take the time it needs to work into your skin and system, and research to find the best ingredients to fix the issues you are having with your neck (wrinkles, extra skin, etc).

For example, an ingredient by the name of Sesaflash has become a neck-lifting phenomenon amongst organic ingredients. This is due to its immediate effect and the fact that there is no uncomfortable tightening feeling like other products. Therefore, there is one additive you can research further. This is not the only ingredient out there that can help with your neck, but it is one of the top. Jump on the internet and see what is out there to be offered so that you are in the best shape possible when finally making your neck cream decision.

                Would you rather take a week or two off to recover from a surgery, or take a week or two to allow a  neck cream or treatment to sink into your skin? The choice is obvious to me, but the decision is ultimately up to you. In my opinion, products will be the better choice to help a saggy neck and any other anti aging issue you may have. 

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