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Trudnoca is the most amazing and wonderful period of a woman's life. She gets many unique experience during this period, because of the major changes occurring in her body. 

Trudnoca is the most amazing and wonderful period of a woman's life. She gets many unique experiences during this period,Guest Posting because of the major changes occurring in her body. Development of a small human being within the body is simply an adorable and most amazing aspect of womanhood. The woman feels several emotional and physical changes within herself, and these changes directly impact her behavior and personality. She becomes the focus of whole family and gets ultra care and importance not only from her husband but also from her parents, in laws, relatives and friends. The effect of change in emotional behavior seems natural to the people around the lady, and therefore they completely understand her feelings and give her attention to make her happy and relaxed.The period of trudnoca requires extra care by the woman at all stages. The duration is normally of 9 months which can also vary up to 7 or 8 months and sometimes to 10 months in rare cases. During the whole period, regular visits to the doctor are necessary in order to remain updated about your health and physical changes. If there is any complication then the regular checkups will enable you to detect those earlier and therefore you can avoid any kind of severe problems.During the trudnoca, you will go through varying feelings. Sometimes, you would wish to eat the thing which is not present at your home, and so your husband has to take you out for fulfilling your desire. This feeling is strange and sometimes you might be unable to describe your emotions. Moreover during the early stages, most of the women get the problem of heart burning, vomiting, nausea and tiredness to name a few. The hormonal changes and growth of baby in your body will also bring mood swings and sometimes you might be feeling very happy, while at times you may feel quite low.    Second stage of trudnoca starts near 20th week, when you can feel the movement of baby inside you. This movement will bring a feeling of joy to you and you would enjoy the real pleasure of being a woman for the first time in life. Now, you can go for ultrasound to check the gender of the baby. Then during the third stage of pregnancy, the size of the abdomen increases and you may also feel the swelling in your hands and feet. Moreover, you will get tired after little daily work because of increase in weight which you have to carry. The last months of pregnancy are most critical and a woman has to be more patient and concerned about her physical condition. The real expression of trudnoca can only be felt rather than explained, and this is the reason why mother is given an upper hand on father most of the times i.e. because of her closeness to the child, her tender and affectionate nature and her kindness towards the kid. This 9 month period is in fact a great way of God to let the woman feel her importance and to develop love towards her child.

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