Reversing Type 2 Diabetes May Be Easier Than You Think

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What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is defined as the body’s inability to control and regulate blood glucose levels. Good effective insulin is produced,Guest Posting but the mechanisms whereby glucose is taken into the cells for metabolism fails. This results in high blood glucose levels. This ineffectiveness concerns every cell in the body. Thus, the cells are denied vital energy supplies. Type 2 diabetes could lead to some very serious illness or death.

The current situation

In the USA the American Diabetes Association reports there are well over 20 million people with type 2 diabetes. This represents around 7% of the population. Diabetes UK reports there are over 2 million in Britain; while three quarters of a million don’t yet know they have it (it takes about 6 or 7 years for the disease to manifest). 

-No doubts that this epidemic, mostly confined to the westernised world, has escalated out of control. It has increased by about 700% over the last fifty-odd years.

Orthodox medical treatment versus alternative cures

The first thing to get here is because the body cannot control blood glucose levels due to ineffective insulin, it doesn’t mean that this is the root cause of type 2 diabetes. –It is only a symptom.                           

‘’To a pharmaceutical company, a patient cured is a patient lost’’

Orthodox medicine’s treatment by using insulin therefore only handles the symptom and not the underlying root cause. Patients with diabetes type 2 could end up being treated for the rest of their lives with expensive insulin drugs because they will never be cured. They could also spend the rest of their lives in much pain, discomfort and suffer side effects: Patients are overloaded with too much insulin and are wrongly advised to have a high carbohydrate diet (junk food included?), which causes weight gain and further side effects…

-This is a bit like complaining to someone that you are feeling hot and his or her response is to give you a coat to put on!

Is there a way towards prevention, reversal and cure of diabetes with no need for drugs?

The evidence suggests yes.

Looking at the situation in a new light, this what many alternative practitioners have found and now advise:

Dietary changes

1. Reduce the high levels of carbohydrates!

Do away with those starchy grainy carbohydrates and get some good quality food like fruit and vegetables instead, preferably of the organic kind with a low glycemic index (slower glucose release into the blood during break down).

2. Increase fat intake

However, do away with those nasty trans-fats and cheap nasty junk oils like sunflower, conola, cotton seed and corn vegetable seed oils…and

take far quality more omega-3 fat based foods instead. Omega-3 fats foods can be found in fish oils such as cod liver oil and krill oil, flax seed and walnuts… -For more detailed list and more information take a look at my e-book ‘’Nutrition For Life’’ available on:

Good quality fats and oils have been shown to vastly improve the uptake of glucose into the cell.

Keep up regular exercise each day and have a positive outlook on life with the above dietary changes and you could well be on the road to reversing diabetes type 2.

-For more information, I can strongly recommend a book I have written that can provide you with all the information needed on reversing type-2 diabetes and much, more… Click on this link:

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