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Big Berkey Water Filter with Back Berkey Cartridge is a complete water filtration system suitable for home use. For its feature, it becomes much popular. The average price of this product is around USD 245 to USD 260. Though the price seems little high compared to other similar kinds of products, but considering the features and other specifications, the price is actually worth it. In this article, I’ll highlight the main features, its pros, and cons so that it can help other to understand te actual position of this much popular drinking water filtration system.

In this article,Guest Posting I will mainly introduce my readers with the most popular berkey water filter known as “BIG BERKEY WATER FILTER with BLACK BERKEY CARTRIDGE POUR – THROUGH SYSTEM”. This amazing berkey water filter is quite popular all over the world nowadays. This article will mainly tell you about its features and later I will discuss about some of its benefits. So please continue reading this article to know more in details. Hope you will surely like this item.Let’s take a look at its features first.Remove Harmful Elements from the Water:This great berkey water filter has the ability of removing harmful elements from the water. This is actually considered as the biggest benefit of this berkey water filter. First of all, it removes chlorine completely from the water. Besides removing chlorine from the water, it also removes other two harmful elements from the water. They are chloramine and vapors. Just because of this reason, this berkey water filter is still now very much popular over the entire world. In fact, people buy different types of water filter in order to make sure a healthy and happy life. So if your water filter fails to remove harmful elements from the water, then it will be absolutely nothing but the wastage of your money simply. Hope you understand what I want to mean actually. Portable:This is considered as the other reason behind the popularity of this berkey water filter. This berkey water filter is actually a portable water filter. It means you can carry this water filter anywhere you want. People nowadays are badly in search of portable water filter because some people love to travel after every few days. So at the time of travelling, they are actually looking for such type of water that they can carry quite easily. Maintenance Free:The most important and vital fact about this berkey water filter is you need not to pay anything for its maintenance. So it can easily be said that besides ensuring a healthy and happy life, this berkey water filter actually saves your money as well. So why won’t you take this advantage? This is the best item if you are planning to purchase a water filter for regular use. Hope you got my point. Additional Features:1.    For warm and cold water use (40 degree Fahrenheit – 100 degree Fahrenheit).2.    Risk – free thirty days money back guarantee.3.    This superb and amazing berkey water filter comes with one year limited warranty on housing.4.    Maintenance free (excluding yearly cartridge replacement).5.    The most important fact is, this berkey water filter is completely portable.6.    The dimension of this berkey water filter is 20” height X 8” diameter / only 5.5 LBS (empty weight).7.    Simple open and close spigot.8.    The capacity of this berkey water filter is 3.5 gallon per hour.9.    2.25 gallon holding tank.10.    Top grade polished stainless steel housing.11.    Six thousands of gallon capacity per set of two cartridges.12.    Tested to NSF standard 53.13.    No channeling.14.    No bypassing.15.    No plumbing.16.    No hook – ups.17.    No tools required.18.    Cartridges may simply be cleaned with scotch pad or soft brush.19.    Two black berkey filtration elements.Pros:1.    Risk – free thirty days money back guarantee.2.    This superb and amazing berkey water filter comes with one year limited warranty on housing.3.    Maintenance free (excluding yearly cartridge replacement).4.    The most important fact is, this berkey water filter is completely portable.5.    The capacity of this berkey water filter is 3.5 gallon per hour.6.    2.25 gallon holding tank.7.    Top grade polished stainless steel housing.8.    6000 gallon capacity per set of two cartridges.9.    Tested to NSF standard 53.Just because of the above features and benefits, this berkey water filter is still now popular all over the world. So if you are actually in search of a quality water filter for regular use, then this item could be an excellent option for you. That’s all for today and thanks for reading this article.

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