Shocking Facts About Diabetes

May 3


Kenny Handsome

Kenny Handsome

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Are you suffering from diabetes? If yes, let me inform you that it is a silent killer and ignoring the symptoms of the condition can be life threatening. The growing rate of the diabetes patients globally is a matter of concern for several nations as this is a chronic progressive illness that may stop at the cost of your life.


The other day,Shocking Facts About Diabetes Articles I was going through an article about diabetes. It was shocking to discover the facts about the disease and made me realize, how this global epidemic is affecting millions of people around the globe.

Here are a few facts about the disease that I wanted to share with all my readers for their knowledge.

- It is one of those chronic conditions that has an impairing effect on the other organs of the body. The effect is gradual and silent and may prove to be a life-threatening dilemma. Fortunately, it can be managed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a right diet curriculum.

- In a few cases, a person suffering from the disease might not be aware of the condition as the symptoms of the illness may not be present in them. The lack of knowledge about the illness may result in heart disease, nerve issues, fatigue or blindness. Therefore, it is advisable for adults to go for a routine check-up at the regular interval of every six months.

- Diabetes is a silent killer and kills around 3.2 million people in the world every year.

- The disease is not common only with the adults, but it may affect the children and young adults also. In fact, juvenile diabetes is a very common condition and is affecting a significant group of youngsters throughout the world.

- Obesity is one of the main causes for the rise in the epidemic.

- If you feel more thirsty these days, you probably need to get a test done for blood glucose as it is the initial symptom of the illness.

- Modern lifestyle is the primary cause of the increase in the incidence of the condition.

- It is a topmost cause of kidney failures, stroke, heart disease and cataract.

- People with the disease are more likely to develop heart problems than other people.

- Diabetes diet is not very different from the usual diet. The only difference is that diabetic people are expected to consume low-calorie diet and less sugar and beverages.

- Juvenile diabetes affects more than 70,000 children under the age of 15 years.

- The condition can be a cause of impotency in men.

Are you aware of the side effects of the disease? If yes, you certainly need to switch to a diabetes treatment plan for managing the disease.




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