Skin Tags and their removal

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The reader is given a basic idea about what skin tags are and how common they are. Also, reader is provided with easy ways to get rid of skin tags at home.

Skin tags removal is indeed an extremely easy process. Skin tags are small and soft skin growths and are very common,Guest Posting indeed. They are just unusual skin formations and not harmful. Skin tags are also called barnacles, skin tags or acrochordons.

Skin tags are formed on any part of the body. Skin tags maybe caused due to obesity, diabetes, pregnancy and old age; no medical cause is known. Skin tags do not pose a danger or threat health wise, as it does not cause any disease. Skin tags maybe flesh colored or brown colored on fair skinned people and their size may range to one millimeter to that of a grape.

Rubbing and twisting the tag causes discomfort. And so, people choose to remove it. Unless it is for cosmetic reasons, skin tag removal is not necessary, as they are harmless. A check by a good dermatologist is recommended. There are many ways to remove skin tags, at home or by a doctor.

There are three best known methods to remove skin tags at home. Three easy methods to remove the skin tag from home are dental floss skin-tag removal, nail polish method or simply cutting it off with nail cutters or scissors. Dental floss skin-tag removal involves tying the stalk of skin tag tightly with a dental floss and keeping it for a long duration. The tight dental floss does not allow the skin tag to get any oxygen, because of which, it dries and is then free to be cut with scissors.

The second method is nail polish method. The nail polish method involves putting a small layer of transparent nail polish on the skin tag which cuts off the oxygen supply hence making it fry. The skin tag can be cut from its stalk when it has dried.

A pair of scissors or nail cutter maybe used to cut the skin tag. In this method, one must use a clean and disinfected instrument. A disinfectant must also be applied after the tag is cut off to prevent infections.

The most common methods used by doctors are cutting, freezing and burning. Skin tags are frozen using cryotherapy. It is not very risky and causes little or no pain. Skin tags maybe burnt or cauterized , but it is not risk free and may leave scars, thus not making it as popular as burning them. Cutting is not a popular method to remove skin tags, as it causes pain, leaves marks and may burn the area around the tag.

Before skin tag removal, one must always evaluate and choose the best and most risk free method to remove a skin tag. To prevent skin tags in future, one must have a healthy and a balanced diet to attain healthy skin.

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